Thursday, July 12, 2007

My 13 Favorite Thursday Thirteens

Yeah, yeah, I’m a week off. Many bloggers did this last week to celebrate the 100th week of Thursday Thirteen. But I’m different. I’m celebrating the 101st week of Thursday Thirteen. And I forgot last week. So, here we go!

1. 13 Things Overheard at Heather’s Wedding (8/17/06) – This marked the end of the wedding-centric blogs from last summer when I was matron of honor in my friend Heather’s wedding. My favorite from this list: “Are you sure Heather is NOT pregnant?”

2. 13 Things I Have Learned From My Children (9/28/06) – My favorite from the list – “Etiquette: I learned that yogurt is a finger food. Who knew?”

3. 13 Words I Love (10/12/06)– My favorite from the list: Twizat – Twat in Snoop Dog speak. This one is great because you can insult someone and they don’t realize you’re calling them a Twat.

4. 13 Reasons My Daughter Won’t Nap (11/2/06) – My fave from the list: My next door neighbor who likes to mow his f*cking lawn every time I put Georgia down for a nap. I’m so close to killing him, it’s not even funny.

5. 13 Random Things About My Week (11/30/06) – This particular list covered my trip to the mall. My fave from the list: “I was accosted by a short Asian woman at the mall who tried to sell me hair.”

6. 13 Things You Shouldn’t Say To Your Doctor (12/7/06) – My fave: “You look really young. I’ll bet you still get carded for beer.”

7. 13 Things Said By My 4-year-old (2/15/07) – My fave: When I hugged him – “MOMMY! You are popping my personal space bubble!”

8. 13 Reasons I Didn’t Write A Thursday Thirteen (3/29/07) – My fave: “The only topic I could think of was, ’13 People I Want To Beat Senseless With My Coffee Mug.’”

9. 13 Reasons I Love My Children (4/5/07) – The whole list was my favorite, but here’s one quote: “Even though Georgia’s temper tantrums are LEGENDARY, whenever I look at her and see my own eyes staring back at me, I can understand exactly how she feels even if I don’t understand why.”

10. 13 Reasons I Know I’m A Mom (4/26/07) – My fave: “I find myself having to think of answers to questions like, ‘Mommy, why is there a sky?’”

11. 13 Have You Evers (5/17/07) – My fave: “Have you ever had your 2-year-old drop her sippy cup and then look at you and loudly scream, ‘OH SHIT!’?”

12. 13 Bob The Builder Videos That Sound Like Porn Flicks (5/31/07) – This may be my absolute favorite TT that I’ve done! My fave from the list: “Lofty’s Long Load.”

13. 13 Reasons I Can’t Sleep (6/21/07) – My fave: “The lady who lives next door to me leaves at all hours of the night, and she always slams her damn car door. I think she’s a whore. And I really need to quit sleeping with my windows open.”


crazy working mom said...

Whoo hoo! I love this list. The Bob the builder one was pretty darn funny.

Great list, Neila.

Robin said...

We've had one of those crazy hair ladies at our mall for a while too! (and if you knew how close to the hippie/bohemian end of the scale I tend to dress, you'd know just how ridiculous her attempt was)

Gloria said...

You are so funny! I love all the TT you have listed here, and glad to know there's another Wentworth fan in blogosphere. =D

Suprina said...

Awesome TT13!

Lady Rose said...

very cool thurs 13 :)

Dragonheart said...

Great look back at your past Thursday Thirteens. :) Nice choice of favourites from each list!

Mags said...

LOL to twizat!

I'm totally stealing that. LOL...I have a few people I want to march up to today to just call 'em that.


Come by if you can today to vote for Top Chef ingredients!

Sassy said...

I love it. It's a great list. Happy TT

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

I LOVE this list...the sippy cup one is great, last night Emma enjoyed repeating the word crap when I let it slip while changing her crappy diaper and telling her not to scoot and get crap all over grandpa's couch. hehe

Qtpies7 said...

I think the Bob the Builder one was the best! Those ARE quite risque sounding!

Mags said...

Oooo! I like your new picture!

Sanni said...

Aaaaaah... I remember most of those TTs - #12 and especially #6 made me cry... of laughter ;)

Happy TT!

P.S.: Love your new avatar!