Monday, July 23, 2007

Manic Monday - Wind

Or as I like to call it, All Wound Up! This week's Manic Monday theme is Wind. I decided to let each of my babies show you a different take on this. Plus, I was too busy reading this weekend to write anything. (And no, I haven't skipped to the end. I'm about 300 pages in right now, and it's killing me not to!)

Anyway, first we have a 1-minute clip of Eli at his swimming lessons last week. He had a great time, but he is going to need a smidge more practice. This clip is of him practicing the back float. The part I love is the way he kicks his little legs in the air. It's like his wind up!

Next, I have Georgia with her version of Wind. In this clip, she was very angry with me because she wanted to carry her yogurt all around the house and eat it. I was making her stay in the kitchen, and this caused her to get extremely wound up. It's only a 43-second clip. I had to stop the camera because she launched herself off the kitchen cabinet at me.


Linda said...

I've got to say that I prefer the first wind-up much more than the second though my kids have done plenty of that one over the years, too!

Have a great weekend and good luck with that book! My daughter read her copy almost cover to cover in one sitting!

Anonymous said...

what an interesting and great take on the theme!! I love that you added your kids into this post :) Happy MM.

Durward Discussion said...

Your children are beautiful even in a wound up state. I won't tell you the end other than to say she answers all the questions.

Gattina said...

Didn't think about a verb, lol ! I only thought about the blowing wind.

Anonymous said...

Awww - what a great post! I actually like the second one best - to be so young and have worries such as not being able to carry your snack around!


Anonymous said...

Great job on this week's theme!
Go Eli, Go...he'll be a shark in no time. :)

Georgia's little breakdown looks like a familiar sight around our house. With a "terrible" two year old and a "diva" four year old...that is a daily occurrence.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing those videos. i had fun viewing them.

happy mm!

Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said...

Oh my heck, just like with my kids!

Sandee said...

Nice use of the word wind. Have a great MM with Mo. :)

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Unknown said...

Very cute, Neila. Thanks for sharing the videos of Eli and Georgia. Her video looks quite familiar to me - she and Luis would make a great couple, that´s for sure =)

Travis Cody said...

Keep your willpower and don't skip ahead - you'll be glad you didn't.

Happy MM!

Mary said...

Very cute examples of being all wound up! My 2 yr old cries just like that :D Happy MM!