Friday, July 06, 2007

Shot Day

Oh dude! I freaking hate shot day! Almost as much as the kids do. Today, I took both kids in to see our pediatrician Dr. Bush. It was Georgia’s 2-year check-up and Eli’s 5-year check up. I was hopeful that both of them wouldn’t have to have shots. I was soooo wrong.

But let me back up. I made Eric come with me to help since I had both kids. For some reason, whenever I take them to the doctor, they turn into crazy people the second we get there. When we pulled into the parking lot, Eli stated, “Mama, I have a bad feeling about this.” I didn’t tell him he was going to get shots, but the kid is getting way too smart. He knew what was coming.

As soon as Georgia hit the waiting room, she began running from one end to the other. Yelling. They finally called our name, and everything was going pretty well. They weighed the kids, asked us all the questions about how many words Georgia knows, if she does pretend play, yada yada. Then the doctor came in.

We discussed our concerns. For Eli, that was his sleeping. The kid will not go to bed! He is up most nights until 11:00 – midnight. We put him to bed by 9:30, but he keeps getting up. The doctor’s solution? Drug him! That’s right, he sent me to the store to get Eli his melatonin. I just gave him his first dose 30 minutes ago, and he just staggered to bed. I really hope this stuff works! If the kids start going to bed early, I may get to have sex with my husband. Imagine that!

Then I discussed Georgia’s tantrums. I explained how Eli never did that, but I don’t even want to take Georgia out in public. Apparently Eli was laid back. Dr. Bush said that Georgia is just a typical 2-year-old and the tantrums should get better by 3 ½. 3 ½?!!!!! I have another year and a half of this?!! Not cool, people!

Then came shots. As soon as Eli heard this, he crawled under the examination table and refused to come out. When the nurse came in with the shots, I had to get on my knees and drag Eli out from under the table. He had to get three shots. He was not happy about this. I had to hold him down, but he didn’t cry. He just complained. Oh, he is so much like me.

Then it was Georgia’s turn. First they had to prick her finger and squeeze blood out of it. Okay, that would have had me screaming. Georgia and Eli both seemed to think that was the coolest thing ever. My kids are morbid. Then we had to hold her down for her one shot. You would have thought we were trying to kill her. The second that needle hit her leg, she screamed bloody murder. And didn’t stop until I sang three rounds of Edelweiss.

Luckily, that was it for shots for both of them for a long time. Thank God. I then took them to the store and emptied my pockets on suckers, gum and slushies. Because I feel so incredibly guilty for causing my children pain. Dude! I can’t afford shot day!


Leeann said...

ROFL! You have my sympathies. My daughter used to start screaming before we would get into the Dr's office and not stop until the shots were the END of the appointment. Utter hysteria. By the time she was five I bailed completely and made my husband take her. Fortunately she is 12, has calmed down a lot and hasn't needed a shot in years. But she has one coming up this year...we'll see!

Mom not Mum said...

LOL Sorry but the doctor lied to you about the tantrums. She's a girl - they are going to last forever. LOL My dd is 5 and I would say by 3 1/2 she was really much better but we still have the occasionaly outburst.

-wandered over yesterday for TT hope you don't mind me coming back.

Sunrunner said...

My sympathies go out to you!!! Shot days are evil!!! Didn't they combine Eli's shots so that he only got stuck once? I hope they're feeling better today!!

Aaron said...

melatonin=bad news for me.. When I started taking melatonin to help me sleep, I ended up with pretty bad night terrors.. (ask mike), I stopped taking it, and the night terrors went away. I pray that Eli doesn't have these same problems. BTW, I swear I saw you pulling into the Neighborhood market yesterday, except you had no kids with you.. So it must now have been you.. LOL, we need to go have coffee..

ian said...

I won't think you're a bad mother if you resort to giving her a cocktail now and then to calm her nerves. Seriously. LOL


crazy working mom said...

Crap, I forgot they have to get shots at 2. Mine will be 2 next month. Temper tantrums...HAH! He is the KING. The sad thing is, though my daughter is 4. She'll be 5 in November and she is the QUEEN of sass! She'll put her hand on her hip, neck starts a poppin' and finger waves. It's bad...really bad. I am so fearful that she will not live to be a teenager, because I will pinch her little head off! It's a long road. But, hopefully they won't end up in prison. *LOL*

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Oh wow, I don't envy you! We just had Emma's 2 year and thankfully didn't have any shots this time, not familiar with the finger pricking either, we never had to do that! Interesting about the melatonin thing too, wow, I never heard of trying that! Good to know if we encounter such problems as Emma gets older, we have some problems with her waking about 4am to come in by us, but she normally sleeps fine in her own bed at bedtime, roughly 10 or 10:30, when we try earlier it doesn't work.

Sadie said...

I take melatonin, and it works like a charm for me!

Also, I'm laughing my ass off picturing you singing Edelweiss while Georgia screams bloody murder, Eli plugs his ears, and the doctor wonders what the hell. :)

Mags said...

Taking off on Ian's comment, I actually thought you meant shot in tequilla. And I was all, "Dude, what's wrong with shot day?"

And then I read on, and understood...

I know this is not what you'd like to hear, but being that I don't have kids and have never been thru this, your account is comical.

I feel for the little ones though, I hate shots too.

Desert Songbird said...

My daughter used to held down by three adults just to get her ears cleaned out! Shots? Forget it.

Of course, now when they bitch at me about shots, I make them go with me to the lab when I get my blood tests and remind them that I do that weekly. That's puts it in perspective for them. But then, mine are 11 and 8, not young ones like yours. I don't envy you, and I sooooo don't miss those days!

Mags said...

I hope you don't mind...but I just linked to you-that way I don't have to go thru Mo's blog all of the time to find ya!