Thursday, July 26, 2007

13 Things I Love To Get At Starbucks

When my husband heard this week’s topic, his reaction was, “I didn’t even know they had 13 things on the menu,” and then “I don’t even WANT to know how much money you spend at Starbucks.” I didn’t tell him how hard it was to narrow it down to 13.

What? I enjoy my Starbucks. And so do the kids. Sue me!

And just for the record, this isn’t a PPP, but I’m holding out hopes that someone will send me free coffee! Happy Caffeinated TT to all!

1. Triple shot nonfat white chocolate mocha – This is what I get most days. On the hot days, I get it iced.

2. Raspberry Frappucino – New and yummy!

3. Orange Crème Frappucino – Eli loves these! They taste like an orange creamsicle.

4. Madeleine cookies – Georgia’s favorite Starbucks treat – yummy little butter cookies.

5. Blueberry white iced tea – I love ANYTHING blueberry! I only wish they had blueberry syrup to put in their coffee. But this tea is amazing, sweetened or unsweetened.

6. Green tea chai latte – I tend to drink this one when I have a cold. It’s as close as I get to a health drink.

7. Toffee almond bar – Dude! Toffee, chocolate chips. Yum-o!

9. Egg Nog Latte – Nothing says Merry Christmas like an egg nog latte. I just wished they had these all year round.

10. Espresso brownie – When I need that added little jolt.

11. Chocolate milk – Georgia’s favorite, and let me tell you – their chocolate milk kicks ass!

12. Passion fruit tea – This is Eric’s favorite. He tends to go for the teas over the coffees, and he swears by this one!

13. Pumpkin Spice Latte – Oh sweet Lord, this is why I love Fall!


Anonymous said...

Shit, I just gained 7 pounds reading your list! I lOVE Starbucks!

Happy TT!

Lori said...

Wow...sounds like Starbucks owes their success to you:) I like mocha caps myself! Happy TT.

Irene said...

Starbucks is one of our studio's clients. I love it when we have a shoot with them because we get to try all their yummy goodies for free! ;p

Unknown said...

Neat list. I do not like coffee but I have something with eggnog and something with pumpkin and cinnamon there. Yummy!

Lisa said...

I love iced coffee so much. And chai latte, hot or iced.

My TT isn't up yet, but I am about to tag you for a meme, come see! (But not right NOW as it's not quite up either.)

I might be running behind today.

Anonymous said...


I love them all every one on your list 1 - 13.

Super grande mocha coca frappa lattee cino,
Say it loud and you'll sound like you know just what you mean-o,
They will understand it in Atlanta or in Reno,
Super grande mocha coca frappa lattee cino,

Unknown said...

My husband loves coffee.

I on the other hand can't stand it.
Before I knew I was pregnant with each of my children. My husband and I would go to the mall and if we passed a coffee shopping and my stomach started feeling uneasy......I knew I was pregnant.
I still get a icky feeling when we pass a coffee shop but not as bad as I did when I was pregnant.

My husband knew instanly if I was pregnant or not and all 5 times he was right....within a week we usually found out I was pregnant.

Great TT!

Anonymous said...

My favorite is Caramel Machiato! :)

Anonymous said...

I love #4. Some years ago, I bought a special tin-lined pan to make madeleins (sp?), and they were easy to do via Joy of Cooking recipe (or was it A to Z of cooking?). Problem was: after a year or two, the pan started oxidizing. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and love it!!

I love the egg nog latte!!!! It is the best in winter!!!

My fav (I am actaully drinking one right now!) is the white chocolate mocha but I have them add toffee nut~it is beyond fab!!

Have a great day!!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Yum, I have to get into the new Starbuck's in town more often! Especially for #7!!

Sandee said...

Oh yummy, yummy. I too love Starbucks. Great TT post. Have a great TT. :)

Mo and The Purries said...


My favorite from them is hot chai
followed by the seasonal lattes: egg nog & pumpkin spice.

Damn, girl, now I need a mocha.

Justin said...

Mmm ... pumpkin spice latte ...

I study at Starbucks about once a week. I can't resist it sometimes!

Anonymous said...

No time to comment, off to Starbucks NOW. It's right down the block and I've resisted all week so THANKS SO MUCH

Qtpies7 said...

Awesome! I love their Carmel Apple Cider in the fall, nothing beats it, ever! Liquid green apples and caramel......... Oh, I've died and gone to heaven!

peanut butter said...

yum. # 6 sounds kinda like a white chai tea. which i used to get at teh Ugly Mug before it burnt down....... i need my chai tea fix! and no, i'm not going to kick your ass. =]

Anonymous said...

Oooooh, Starbucks! Now, I'm not a coffee drinker. I don't drink a single drop of coffee unless someone puts a gun on my head and force me too. But I go to Starbucks because I'm addicted to their Hazelnut Chocolate Cake! Oooh la la, I'm not sure if you have it over that side of the planet, but it's heavenly! Dammit, now I need to go to Starbucks tomorrow. =(

J. Lynne said...

Oooooooh, eggnog latte and pumpkin spice latte... I may have to renegotiate my caffeine restrictions with my doctor when Fall comes. *sigh*

Happy TT!

Travis Cody said...

I only get one drink - grande mocha no whip. I'll get any kind of pastry that looks interesting.

The Starbucks down the street had ginormous cinnamon rolls the other day - these things were at least 4 inches in diameter.

I still prefer Tully's coffee, but we are surrounded by Starbucks.

Maggie Moo said...

Holy cow, I am away for a week and you got a completely new rockin' template! LOVE IT!

My favorite is the Passion Tea too...delicious! I also love Caramel Apple Ciders in the fall and the Pumpkin Spice Late...