Thursday, April 26, 2007

13 Reasons I Know I’m A Mom

Thursday Thirteen!!

1. Today, my lunch consisted of the half container of spaghettios that my daughter didn’t finish.

2. I put my shoes on yesterday, and felt something in one of them. When I shook it out, it was dried macaroni and cheese.

3. I had to throw my last purse away because Georgia dumped a cup of milk in it. I could never get the sour smell out.

4. I know the words to almost every Laurie Berkner song, and often find myself singing them.

5. When I go to the bathroom, I find myself saying, “I need to go potty.”

6. That damn C-section scar.

7. The only books I’ve finished in the last three months are about Dora and have buttons you press that shout things like, “I need your help!” “Vamanos!” or “Can you say abre?”

8. In the last week, I have cleaned crayon off of the TV screen, dishwasher, bathtub and sliding glass door.

9. I find myself having to think of answers to questions like, “Mommy, why is there a sky?”

10. One of the most common phrases of my vocabulary is, “Because I said so!”
11. I have learned that cuts on the bottom of the foot (from stepping on a plastic dinosaur or a star shape from a shape sorter) feel better when you use Neosporin with the anesthetic in it.

12. Touching poop or throw-up doesn’t gross me out anymore.

13. I can get two kids dressed, fed, go to the grocery story, library, bank and post office, make lunch, clean the house, and do freelance work all on only three hours of sleep!


Christina said...

LOL I love this! I'm a very new mom (my firstborn is 7 1/2 weeks old) but I can already relate to some of these. I have the "damn C-section scar" to deal with and my aversion to poop has pretty much gone away...since I don't have any choice but to deal with it sometimes!!

Happy Thursday!!

Rashenbo said...

Yup that is definitely a mom list!

Unfortunately, the "because I said so" wears out really quick. I find myself having to explain myself a whole lot more often than I want to! :)

Dewey said...

Ha ha, this made me laugh even though my kids are teens now!

Terra said...

Wanna trade for a teenager and a 7 year old???

LOL, get list... Makes me miss the messes

Michelle Wun said...

Enjoy reading your post! Happy TT!

Ingrid said...

aaargh, the things we have to go through for being a mommy!!! everyday is a new day when you're a mommy! great list this week!

Donna said...

There's poop in my entry today too.

maggie said...

LMAO. Your list is great! I like the

Lisa said...

I had to throw away my favorite purse last summer because of the milk too! I mourned that purse.

And then, this spring, it was back! Slightly modified, but still the same. I was so excited I almost bought two.

Kara said...

I can relate! Good list :D


that's a good Thursday 13!!! I liked it =)

just stopping by some fellow Thursday 13-ers =)

Desert Songbird said...

A classic Neila post if ever there was.

Great list, girlfriend, and one to which many moms can relate.

Although, I never had my kids put stuff in my shoes or food in my purse.

TeaMouse said...

Isn't it amazing what moms can do!

Amy said...

#12 will NEVER BE ME.
My boys are 6 and 7 and still the very thought of having to get near it makes me gag.

Kids are adorable.

FRIGGA said...

Lucky You! Tha's a great list. I can't wait until I'm a mom too.

Sanni said...

HA! I can already relate #6, #12 and half of #13 - although it´s just Luis 1st birthday today *LOL*

Looking forward to the other ten topics... more or less *giggle*

Great TT, girlfirend =)

Christie said...

i have become one with the poop and the puke. great list, so true!!!! happy tt!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Wow, GREAT list. I love it...but I'm jealous that you get 3 hours of sleep!!

Sunrunner said...

I'm usually not functional unless I get at least 4 hours of sleep. But then the upper brass at work thinks that's enough sleep to come in to work a 12 hour shift.