Thursday, April 12, 2007

13 Questions I Have About Lost

1. What are we supposed to think about Juliet? I'm probably going to take flack for this, but I actually really like her. But come on! We all knew she was a mole. Like The Others are really going to cast off their only remaining doctor? Please! In fact, I think the whole thing with The Others almost executing her was a big ruse. That was the plan all along. Get her close to Jack, and then she infiltrates the camp. I knew it!!

2. What did the whole Nikki/Paulo episode have to do with ANYTHING?

3. Are we really supposed to believe The Others have no other way off the island? Hello?! What about Desmond’s boat that they stole? Yeah, they thought we forgot about that, didn’t they?

4. We need more episodes with Sayid with his shirt off. (Okay, that’s not really a question.)

5. Am I the only person who doesn’t like Kate? People seem to be forgetting that she’s a cold-blooded killer. And for a cold-blooded killer, I would expect her to be a little more tough. Enough whining, Katie! Where are your balls?

6. John Locke? What the hell? We all know he has a hard-on for the island. But what exactly is up with the whole healing thing? And why does it only work on some like him and Rose? And is he completely turning on his camp and joining The Others? And then there’s his father? Ben is one smart cookie to have gotten him there so quickly. How could they even have anticipated they would have needed dear old dad? And now that John is “stuck” on the island with him, what happens now? Hmmm . . . this one has me intrigued.

7. What the hell kind of ship/submarine/whatever was Desmond’s girlfriend on? Is she still looking for him? She’s obviously close since she picked up that whole sky turning purple thing. So, where the hell is she? Dude, there is so much more going on with her than we know.

8. Is Charlie going to die or not? I like him, but they haven’t given him much of a storyline other than the crap they threw at us during the first half of the season. And we all know what happens if you don’t have a storyline (ahem, Boone). I don’t want to see him die, but if he doesn’t, then is Desmond really psychic? Hmmm . . .

9. Are we ever going to find out the connections between Jack and Claire? And everyone else for that matter? Since I haven’t seen Jack carrying a pic of dear old dad around in his back pocket, and Claire doesn’t even know the man’s name, I’m not holding my breath on this one. I am more interested in what it means that everyone has a connection with each other.

10. Okay, back to Juliet - what the hell is her motivation? I know Jack said it when he said, "You want to get off this island more than anything in the world." But is it just because she wants to go home? Is that what Ben is promising her? And what does he want in return? And does Juliet have a revenge thing going on considering they killed her lover, Goodwin?

11. WTF is up with the Black Smoke, or Smokey as I’ve heard it called? It was scarier when it was a faceless monster. I’m sorry, but I just can’t get that terrified over black smoke. Who does it work for? What’s it’s motivation? Is it a Dharma creation? I’m certain Juliet knows a hell of a lot more about what it is no matter what she says.

12. Rousseau has lived on that island for 16 years and she’s never run across The Others’ camp?It takes a few people who have been there for three months to help her? Seriously? Come on!
And didn't she give birth to her baby on the island? Juliet said that no one had given birth on the island until Claire.

13. Are we ever going to find out what Libby’s story was? I’m a little pissed that that we found out she wasn’t really a doctor, but a crazy liar from Hurley’s mental institution, and then they killed her. WTF?! I’ve heard promises that they’re not “done with her yet.”

Dude! I want some answers!

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Kimo and Sabi said...

We are lost!

Marie said...

i know, i know!!! the plot has been getting weirder every week that sometimes i wonder why i'm still watching it!!! ha ha!!! great idea for this week's T13 list!

Donna. W said...

I'm lost on this one. I've never watched "Lost". I'm more of a "Criminal Minds" and "CSI" kinda person.

Mo and The Purries said...

Dude! I've never seen Lost.
Can't help.

We thought this would be 13 cutie patootie pics of Georgia to help get votes at the Blogger's Choice Awards, you Hot Mommy, you!

Angie said...

Ok, I love LOST and I must say that I have these exact same quesitons.

I never thought about Rousseau giving birth on the island. Good point!

...and I'm totally in love with Sayid.

Raggedy said...

I have never watched it but is sure sounds intriguing.
Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š

Barb said...

I haven't watched this for a few seasons. But yeah.. Sayid No Shirt would be nice :)

SQT said...

I gave up a while ago.

Anonymous said...
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Angie said...

I was talking about your post with my hubby tonight. He said that Rousseau didn't have her baby on the island. After they got on the island the baby was taken from her.

...that's what he says, anyway. I think he makes things up.

Sunrunner said...

I am truly lost. None of that makes any sense. I just came under the wire, but my TT is up!

Jules said...

Ok, here goes...

1. I knew it too! I'd love to hate her, but I just can't! She's too good to hate! You know what I mean??? Like how I love Ben. But Ben I LOVE to hate. Juliet I want to hate, but I think she's got another plan of her own motivating her to get off the island.

2. Dude. I know.

3. Yeah, plus they've got that boat that took them from Alcatraz back to the main island. Plus I think they still have Michael and Walt locked up somewhere and took that boat back. PLUS, I don't think the sub really exploded. That's why Locke was wet when he came back from blowing up the sub. Cuz he parked it somewhere else and actually blew up part of the dock, not the sub.

4. I concur.

5. Eh, she's ok. Kinda lame sometimes, kinda cool and sometimes even hot. But usually I'm not too impressed.

6. I really hope Locke has a plan. And I'm not talking about "oops, I guess I really should have kept pushing that button" plan. Like a real plan that will fuck Ben up. Oh yeah.

7. Penny was on a sub/ship? I thought she was just in bed at home in London when she answered the phone. I figure she's probably just starting to look for Des, since the hatch just blew up, what, a few weeks ago in Lost time?

8. I don't really care anymore. I used to really like him (had a crush on Dominic Monaghan), but after a while his character annoyed me, then made me mad, then disappointed me, and now he's not much better. I have a feeling he'll be the next to go - the actor probably will want to do more film, I'm guessing.

9. I want a whole episode where everyone figures out how they're all connected. Like all within the hour show we find out every little connection. That would be sweet.

10. I think Goodwin was a boy toy. I don't think she was really all that connected with him. I mean, what else is there to do on that island besides boink, right?

11. I really hope that Smokey is a product of the island wanting to get rid of all humans. I hope in the end that the Others and our Losties are forced to work together to survive the wrath of Smokey.

12. Rousseau is a liar. I think she used to be an Other of some sort. She's always running away when they are near. Where the hell did she go? Do you think she followed Locke and the Others and that's how we'll find them again? Well, I guess Ben said, "See you in a week" so we'll see them by the finale episode.

13. I know - I was pissed when she was killed too. It felt like there was so much more they could have done with her. Shame. I hope she comes back in flashbacks.