Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bunny Pictures

Every year, The Country Club Plaza puts out the big bunnies and other giant animals – turtles, lions, swans and the like – to celebrate Easter. And every year, we take the kids to the Plaza armed with cameras to get our obligatory bunny pictures. I also have delusions every year that when we take the kids down there, they will be perfect little angels, smile and pose for the camera, and we will get wonderful pictures.

Apparently, I’ve been smoking crack. You would think by now I would know to expect crazy children who act like the camera is trying to steal their souls, the way they scream and run when they see it.

Things actually started out very well. We got a couple of great shots of me with each of the children.

Then Eric continued his streak of taking great pictures with the kids, so I got one of him with both children looking human.

That’s really about it. Things went downhill from there. We took about 20 pictures, and the three above about covers the good shots. (Except for one that I’m saving for Wordless Wednesday.)

All I wanted was a picture of me with the two kids. A decent one. You may remember that I tried that at Halloween . . . and Christmas. No luck. So, I thought maybe the third time was a charm and an Easter pic would be perfect.

This was the best shot.

I was afraid people were going to think we were abusing Georgia with her high-pitched screams. Eli was running around the fountains like a crazy person, and when we could manage to drag him over for a picture, he looked completely and utterly bored.

My frustrations lapsed into a stream of curses. That got me very surly looks from the other parents who were there with their perfectly coifed and posing children. We decided to cut our losses and go to Latteland for coffee. When I ordered from the young guy at the counter, I asked if they had children’s drinks. He gave me a very blank stare and said “Uhhhhhhh . . . . water.”

You would have been proud of me. I didn’t smack him.


Sunrunner said...

Poor Neila!!!! I am very proud of you that you didn't smack him. Duh!!!! Was his brain even intact? The top three pics are great. At least you got those! Georgia's hair is so light I almost didn't see her ponytails!

Skittles said...

One of my kids was terribly camera shy. We always had to sneak up on him or catch him coming around a corner.

I love all the pictures and you look fantabulous in all of them!!!

You've been TAGGED with the Obsessions Meme!

Morgen said...

The top ones with you are great - especially the one of both you & Georgia smiling on the unhappy turtle!
What is it with the crappy pictures when all three of you are in the same shot? Are you just cursed or what???
And I love the bored Eli with the swan picture - clearly his soul was stolen by your digital camera!!!

Latteland - what a great name for a coffee shop! But Lattelandude could have at least said "milk" for the kids' drinks! Sheesh - how you didn't smack him is a wonder...

Mama's Moon said...

Perfectly adoreable fam pix! Love 'em! But, are you kidding me? Only water for the kids at a coffee shop?? Puh-lease, what're they, NEW to this game??? You shoulda slapped him!

Sparky Duck said...

Too bad cameras dont steal souls, you could have stolen the water guys and deleted it

Desert Songbird said...

My kids are the exact opposite of yours when it comes to a camera - they've never met one they didn't love! This wouldn't be bad except for the fact that when I DON'T want them in a photo, they still can't resist sticking their mugs or fingers, or heads in the shot anyway. Sigh.

I think your pix came out well considering. I'm giggling at how, despite Georgia's adamant refusal to sit prettily and smile, and through all of her weeping and wailing, there's you with your bright smiling face!

Maggie said...

The face on him is hilarious. He does not look thrilled with mom and dad.

Travis said...

The face says it all.

"Geez! I was having a great time running around and climbing on everything that would stand still. This is a really cool place for a kid. What? You want me to what? Sit on this swan thingy and get my dang picture taken? Gosh Mom! Sheesh!"

Sorry my dear. Couldn't resist.

**ducks the hot latte flung in his direction**

Crazy Working Mom said...

Our kids should really get together and play (or throw fits) they seem to be four peas in a pod! *LOL*