Saturday, April 28, 2007

Best Drink Ever!

First of all, I want to thank everyone for their kind words after my crazy post yesterday. I am feeling much better today. Some rest and a couple of vodka drinks really helped!!

Speaking of which, I did a Passion Party last night for a group of girls who work at a popular restaurant here in town. It was a bachelorette party, so it was a lot of fun. Plus they spent lots of money, so yea me!!

Anyway, a couple of the girls were bartenders, and kept mixing drinks for me. Are you ready? This is the best drink I have ever tasted.

It was part Pear Citron vodka.

Part Pomegranate juice.

And a splash of Sprite.

Dude! Best drink ever!!! It was delicious, and dangerous because it did not taste like it had alcohol in it.

So everyone have a great weekend, and enjoy a couple of pomegranate martinis. I am off to Western Kansas to Eric's family reunion, so there will only be minimal posting from me. But I'll be thinking of you!!


Morgen said...

Dude, I have to try this.
Anything with POM in it is wunderbar!

Have a safe trip!

Desert Songbird said...

Dude, anything with vodka has my vote! Off to enjoy my vodka and lemonade...

Crazy Working Mom said...

I've never had it...but will have to try it. I'm going to Vegas week after next for the Kitchen & Bath show. :)

I'll be having one for sure.

Glad to hear you're better.

lisa said...

mmmm, this sounds so good! thanks for the recipe. :-)