Friday, April 06, 2007

A Day In The Life

I decided on my Thursday 13 topic yesterday because I thought it would be good for me to write out several reasons I love my children. I thought it would counterbalance the little fit that Georgia pitched at Fuddrucker’s on Wednesday night. It did help.

That is my new tactic. When things are going wrong, I’m going to stop and remind myself five things I’m grateful for, and when the kids are on my last nerve, I’m going to stop and remind myself five reasons why I love them. Then when I discipline them, I start out with “I love you, but you cannot . . . paint the cat with orange fingerpaint, color on mommy’s computer screen, squirt a juice pouch all over the carpet, eat Crayola bath tablets or one of the many other things that has raised my blood pressure recently.” It’s easier not to lose control when you start out with “I love you.”

After my new realization, I got a wonderful call from one of my blog friends! Are you ready for this news? One of our blog buddies signed up to do Passion Parties! That makes me a team leader, and that makes you lucky because now there are two of us running around in the blogosphere who can stock you up on Glow Gigis and Mini Tongues! Oh yeah, baby!! I am pumped!

I knew after a great day, things would go down hill at some point. That seems to be the way karma works around here. That happened tonight when Eli refused to eat his dinner. We had parsley pasta purses in garlic and butter sauce. Yum-o!!

Eli refuses to eat pretty much anything, but he has to try at least three bites before he can be finished. He grudgingly ate bite number one. He chewed up bite number two, made a gagging sound, and spit it out on the floor. *sigh* Then he went to the room and slammed the door. Eric went to go talk to him. Unfortunately, Eric didn’t realize that Eli was standing directly on the other side of the door. When Eric opened the door, the doorknob caught Eli in the eye.

This is Not. Cool. There is no way I can put a positive spin on the fact that Eli has a black eye and my husband gave it to him. I should just call social services myself. Of course Eli doesn’t seem nearly as upset about his minor injury as he did about the fact that I made him put an ice pack on his eye. Wait a second. Daddy gave him a black eye and I’m the bad guy? Not fair.

Eric feels so bad that he’ll probably let Eli eat chocolate for every meal for the next week. Guilt is a wonderful thing. Even my four-year-old knows how to work it.


VegasGirl said...

I've never heard of Passion Parties until tonight. hehe. Sounds like a fun night for all my old dorm buddies =D

As for the blackeye, don't feel too bad. I remember once when I was little I somehow fell out of bed and gave myself a black eye. All my teachers were "really concerned" even though they knew my parents. It blew over really fast though. Remember, the more little kids can see that you are feeling guilty, the more they will try to work that for themselves. hehe. At least that's what I'd do!

Desert Songbird said...

All of my kids, past and current, know me pretty well since I've always hung out at school, so no calls to CPS here. There were a couple of times, though, that they could have been if the teachers hadn't known us and the true stories.

I remember my daughter vomiting her dinner on the dinner table after I made her try something. She was four years old at the time. I made her clean it up herself. Lesson learned.

Sadie said...

Yay for Gigis and tongues!

and Pure Satisfaction....

I was a "tester" at the party for that. Made me a believer.

Sunrunner said...

I was afraid to take Zachy out of the house for days after his latest crash, and I pretty much spent the years of 2002 and 2003 hiding since my daughter's nickname was "Happy Harry Head Wound". I mean, the E.R. doc at the hospital we go to knew her by NAME. She always laughed when we came in though.