Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mom Writers Listen Up!

I had a rare moment of free time last week, and I happened to catch part of Ellen. Actually, I happened to hear part of Ellen in between Georgia’s screaming fits, but I digress. Leah Remini was on, and although she's a crazy Scientologist, I still like her. She talked about a new Web series that she is starring in called In The Motherhood. It’s a mom-focused Web series, which will appear on MSN between April 17 through June. Each Webisode will profile the hectic and humorous lives of three mom girlfriends.

Anyway, Moms get to actually write and collaborate with screenwriters to create the Webisodes. That is the cool part. Apparently, professional screenwriters create the storylines and the characters, but they want moms to send in their real-life stories!

Hello! You all know I have plenty of stories of Georgia meltdowns at the local Wal-Mart, or maybe how Eli made me scream yesterday by bringing me a “surprise” which was a handful of live roly-polies. (The children really are trying to kill me.)

To participate, you can go to and sound off on issues such as “your child’s worst public meltdown,” or “your funniest mother-in-law child-rearing advice.” You submit your story in paragraph form, and your story is automatically transformed into a traditional Hollywood script.

The online mom community will vote and the best entries will be incorporated into the Webisodes. The Webisodes will also be shown on the Ellen show!!

Visit for more information.


Sparky Duck said...

I stopped reading at Leah Remini, because she is hot in that brooklyn chick sorta way

Sadie said...

I love Eli! Roly-polies... Awesome.

Mo and The Purries said...

Do if we see Leah Remini singing Eidelveiss in a big box store, we know were the idea came from, eh?