Monday, April 09, 2007

M&M's and Easter Eggs

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Okay, for this diet thing to work, we are seriously going to have to do something about the Easter candy. The kids got candy from my parents, Eric’s parents, their Godparents, and the Easter Bunny. Dude! There are M&M’s everywhere!

Luckily, although my children refuse to eat normal food, they will Hoover candy like there’s no tomorrow. So, it shouldn’t be around tempting me for much longer.

Then there’s the cake. Last year, we did the bunny cake, and this year we were going for an Easter egg cake. I strongly overestimated my ability to cut a round cake into the shape of an egg. I decided I was better off to leave it round. So, I just decorated it like an Easter egg. Complete with a few of the millions of M&M’s that were floating around the house. It was cute. Eli’s first comment? It’s not shaped like an egg!

Speaking of eggs, why is it that Eli wouldn’t eat a hard-boiled egg to save his life? Yet if you color it purple and pink and put stickers on it, he bites into it shell and all. Maybe I should stock up on egg decorating kits and make Easter eggs as snacks throughout the year.

After a lunch of Easter eggs and candy, Eric’s parents called to wish the kids a Happy Easter. They tend to call on their cell phone while driving around out in western Kansas so their calls are usually dropped several times. This happened today before Eli got a chance to talk to them.

When they called back, Eli got on the phone and said, “Hi Grandma. I thought you hung up before I got to talk to you and I was pissed off.”

Oh crap. Then I hear blablabla from the phone, and Eli said “I said I was pissed off.” More “blablablablabla’ on the other end of the phone. I can only imagine the reaction of Eric’s mom. Jeez! Eli couldn’t tell mommy he was pissed off? He had to say it to Grandma?!

It’s really hard to reprimand your son when you are laughing so hard you’re in tears.


Desert Songbird said...

Oh Lord Have Mercy, Woman! The things that spew from the mouths of your kids!

Stacey said...

Last night I threw away LOADS of candy from the baskets. Perfectly good candy. What I sin I know, but gosh I can't eat all that.

Sadie said...

Eli is so funny... That is hilarious.

And I have made a football cake before, I never thought about it but it would be good for Easter Egg cake also.

I bake the cake in a bowl (it's a specific bowl, but I guess you could do it with any properly shaped oven safe bowl) so it comes out shaped like a cone with curved sides. Then I set it on its wide end and cut it in half vertically. Then you put the two fat ends together and it is football/egg shaped!

Kara said...

LOL at Eli!!! They sure know when to say the wrong thing. And I know what you mean about the candy, we have a giant bowl of it sitting on the table just begging to be eaten, the boys got waaaay too much, especially considering my Baby is only 10 months old and can't eat hardly any of his lol. We couldn't the Easter Bunny leave healthy snacks in the eggs?

Morgen said...

I'm rolling with laughter -- Eli kills me!
I had flashbacks to the phone scene in A Christmas Story with the irate neighbor woman on the phone.

Glad you had a fun-filled Easter!

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

It's true, kids say the darnest things!

Julie said...

Eli rules.

Crazy Working Mom said...

Someone once told my father in law when my husband said something "off color" in a check out line..."they only learn what they're taught".

It's so funny what they pick up. They'll cuss like there's no tomorrow, but you couldn't slap a compliment out of 'em.