Saturday, December 30, 2006

Passion Faux Pas

Or this could be entitled "Things you post when it's really late" but I didn't want to steal from Ian.

It's about 12:30 am, and I just got home from a Passion Party in Topeka, which is about an hour away. What I was thinking when I booked a party that far away, I will never know. I most decidedly was drunk on red wine. But I digress.

Tonight, I made my first large error when doing my presentation.

I was holding up Tighten Up cream, yet I was describing Numbit cream to everyone. The reason this is so comical is because Tighten Up cream does just that - it tightens you up to a virgin-like state. Numbit helps numb the area for anal sex. (I don't even want to think about the search engines I'm going to come up on after this post.)

Anyway, imagine me talking about anal sex while holding up a cream that tightens you up. People seemed horrified. I was over halfway done with my spiel before I realized why all of the women had an extremely pained look on their faces.


Needless to say, I didn't sell any Tighten Up or Numbit tonight. *sigh* Maybe next time.


Kristin said...

How happy am I to be up early? This post has made my whole day!

BTW - now I understand what a Passion Party is... ooooh, you naughty girl you!!!

(Come host one at my house)

Julie said...

It's almost 12:30 am in Topeka??? What time zone are you in?? I'm in Chicago (Central time) and it's only 10:44 pm. Aren't we in the same time zone? Me confused!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well honey if i had a passion party no one would come! and i just left you a note on your tt post and said i had not been here before, but as i read further down, i started to recognize things! grey matter goes with years i guess! smile.... bee

Cerella said...

Happy New Year!

Desert Songbird said...

Hey, Neila! I've been meaning to come over and visit you since we frequent the same blogs, and then you came over the The Ice Box from Morgen's place before I could get here.

This post cracked me up! I used to have be a Candle Lady many moons ago, but I never had a problem with mixing up my products -- at least not like this one!

Karly said...

This brought back some memories...the first Passion Party I attended the lady was going on and on about Numbit and some other cream that is supposed to numb your gag reflex. Being a good wife, I thought I'd try the stuff to numb your gag reflex...unfortunately I got the two products mixed up and bought Numbit. THANKFULLY I never actually tried the stuff (not as good a wife as I thought)and at the next Passion Party I went to I realized my mistake! My husband thought it was so funny that I might have put something meant for your butt in my mouth! Jerk.

Margo said...

I can't stop laughing!!!!!

ian said...

I can just picture you spouting off about the joys of tight anal sex with nary a blush or an embarrassed cough in sight. Because there's nothing like a good cock up the poop chute, right?

You're SO going to be at the top of everyone's Google list now...

Happy New Year, Neila!

PS: Julie - she lies about what time she posts. :P