Monday, December 04, 2006

Coffee Talk

I have made a new discovery! Actually, I was informed of this heavenly development by my friend Aaron, and it’s something I have to share with my readers. Are you ready?!!

Oh yeah, baby! Coffee-flavored gum! It really is Christmas! Give me that and some of those Sonic cheesecake bites, and I am in complete heaven. This gum reminds me of the Brach’s coffee candy I used to have when I was a little girl. Plus, the flavor really lasts. Some people like gum that gets rid of coffee breath. Whatever! This gum is great for us coffee-lovers!!! Apparently, it is being distributed at 7-11’s nationwide, so be on the look-out!

While I was at Aaron’s last night, I chewed his gum, drank his wine, and ate some of his homemade truffles before his Passion party started. It was definitely a fun one! Some of the girls were sitting there blushing and open-mouthed, but they seemed to have a really great time!

In blogosphere news, I talked to Morgen today from It’s A Blog Eat Blog World. I called the Wren’s Nest to order a Christmas gift for Eric, and talked to Morgen for about 40 minutes. Oh, he is so much fun. I really need to take a vacation to Dowagiac and hang with Mo. We would have a great time! Everyone remember to shop the Wren’s Nest for some great Christmas gifts this year!!

To segway into some sad news, we have spent the rest of the weekend mourning the retirement of Greg, the yellow Wiggle. You all may know that I became a huge fan of The Wiggles after taking Eli to their concert when they were here in KC back in May. We all fell in love with The Wiggles, and I was truly upset to hear that Greg has to retire because of an illness. He will be handing his yellow shirt over to a new Wiggle named Sam, who has been a back-up singer with the group for many years. *sigh* I’m sure Sam will be great, but I will forever miss Greg. He is such a main part of The Wiggles – the group just won’t be the same without him.

Luckily, I still have Anthony, my blue Wiggle hottie. I don’t know what I’m going to do the day he retires.

My goodness. Hot Wiggles. Hot Lazytown guys. I do not remember children’s programming being packed with man candy when I was a kid! I’m certainly glad it is now. We are the lucky moms!


Sunrunner said...

I saw that gum the other day. Is it actually good? And is it mint/coffee flavored, or just coffee flavored? I was a little leery...

That is so sad about Greg. I love the Wiggles! And I totally agree with you about Anthony!

Morgen said...

Hi sweetie!
Thanks for the shout out! and for saying that I'm interesting to talk to on the phone! With me working alone 90% of the time, and with Lee not exactly being the best communicator lately, I felt like I was rambling on and on. Thanks for not mentioning that I was a blathering idiot desperate for an intelligent conversation!
You've already got me hooked on Sportacus & Robbie Rotten, there is NO way I'm watching any Wiggles -- I don't need any more hot children's TV stars to fill my erotic fantasies!
Since we don't have a coffee shop in town, I'm drinking International Coffee's Suisse Mocha this morning. It's not BAD, but I am jonesing for a real latte. Barnes & Noble dot come delivers books, CDs and DVDs to me -- why can't I get Starbucks from them? Maybe Barista in a Box?

Does Aaron make housecalls?

Have a sane Monday!


Morgen said...

PS -- that is Barnes & Noble dot COM
-- how did dot "come" sneak in?
Must've been thinking of Sportacus again!

Margo said...

I went with a friend and our kids to an out of town Wiggles concert a year ago, and then they came to our town about 6 months ago. My friend wanted to go again, but I declined telling her I didn't want to be a Wiggles groupie. She then busted out laughing at the visual image my comment conjured up of the two of us tossing our bras at the Wiggles during a concert! ;-)

maggie said...

When we saw the Wiggles here last year in Connecticut I believe it was George the Yellow Wiggle who had to fly home for an "emergency". I wondered what had happened. The show was still very entertaining.

*♦*♦*♦*♦* Amber *♦*♦*♦*♦* said...

I'm so glad that I am not the only mother lusting after one of the wiggles. My ex (Daughters father) laughed at me and thought I was crazy when I confessed my crush. You made me smile. Thanks :)