Friday, December 08, 2006

Running On Fumes

I am such a bad blog buddy. I have not had time recently to visit my favorite blogs, and for that, I truly apologize. Every week, I think I am going to have some “me” time, and every week turns out to be just a different shade of crazy.

Georgia has had some severe diarrhea the last two days. Nothing else is wrong with her except diarrhea. That doesn’t seem worth dragging her into the doctor, because I know from experience, they will tell me absolutely nothing.

I feel so sorry for her. I changed five poopy diapers today, and no matter what I do, her little bottom just gets redder and redder. By late this afternoon, she was just walking around aimlessly screaming. I finally just took her pants off and let her walk around naked, crossing my fingers that she didn’t pee down her leg. It was the only thing that calmed her down. We were good until bedtime, when it was time for another poopy. Red face and screaming. And Georgia was bad, too. (ba boom ching) It took me about ½ an hour to get her to stop screaming after I changed her. My poor, poor baby.

I think it’s time to pull out the Passion products. Numbit, which is used for anal sex, is also great to numb diaper rash. I can’t believe I am just freaking thinking of that now. I am so tired, that didn’t even occur to me earlier. (Insert head slap here.)

Last night, Eric got to deal with the crazy children while I went to Let’s Dish. It’s one of those places where you go and prepare your dinners and bring them home and freeze them. We now have 20 dinners in our deep freeze ready to go. They look really good, too. Tonight we had Beef Roulade. Tomorrow night, I think we’re having the cheese tortellini in walnut sauce. Yum-o!

I was invited to a Let’s Dish party by a friend of a friend, so there were about a dozen of us at the place “dishing.” It turns out the friend of my friend is a lawyer, and so was about every other woman there. That was interesting. I have never been around that many lawyers at one time. Some of them said they were lawyers, and some of them said they were “attorneys.” Since we all know I don’t have a filter on my mouth, I asked WTF the difference was. I got – Blink. Blink. “Nothing.” Uh-huh.

It was even more interesting when they asked me what I did. “I’m a Passion Party consultant.” This usually caused a noticeable pause before they responded. I got a lot of “Oh. Really?” and “Do you like doing that?” For some reason, I get so entertained when people obviously don’t know what to think of me.

Anyway, the appointment wasn’t until 8:00 last night, and I didn’t get out of there until after 11:00. I was exhausted! Sure, they promote it as fun, but it’s honestly three hours on your feet, working your butt off, making 20 meals. I don’t know if it was the exhaustion or what, but I had a major Lupus flare-up today. Which reminds me, if I lose consciousness during mid-sentence, it will be my two Percocet kicking in.

But I’m not complaining. I have 12 individual molten chocolate cakes in my freezer. That makes it all worth while! And another good thing happened today. Remember the sadistic credit card people? Well, I finally got my flipping money! It only took a month. Grrrr . . .

Happy Friday, everyone!!


Aaron said...

I fell asleep about 12:30 this afternoon and just now woke up at 10:30pm.. sorry I didn't get your voicemail message, or i didn't stop by, I think my job has finally pushed me to the point of complete mental break down, and I needed sleep.. the sad thing is, mike came in (or so i am told), crawled into bed and fell asleep next to me. I am going to come by tomorrow (i promise), and pick up our truckload of passion party orders.. thanks for being so nice about all this!. Kissses--Aaron

Anonymous said...

The best treatment ever for diaper rash:

mix an equal amount of Aquafor with Cherry Maalox. Has to be cherry for some reason. Slather it on.


Sparky Duck said...

Now, why didnt I think of this Let Dish idea?? I would have been a millionaire.

Morgen said...

The Let's Dish party sounds like more work than fun, but I like cooking by myself... not that I ever do it anymore. lee ususally gets home before me, so he is in charge of dinners. The other night, he had to work later than usual -- my solution: McDonalds for dinner. Yes, ever the gourmand am I!
You're having tortellini with walnut sauce, and I'm ordering double cheeseburgers!
Rosie O'Donnell swears that if you let a dog lick the diaper rash bum, it cures it. Obviously, the bum is clean and it's a dog you trust.

Thanks for the call! That made my day!!! :)

And I'm so glad you got your credit card money! That's the 1 nice thing about my credit card service -- within 48 hours, the charges are deposited directly to my bank account. I hate the fees, but they are the quickest place I found. And the sales guy is a hottie.
Hey, I take my perks anyway I can!

love ya,

Slackermommy said...

We have one of those dinner places here too. Great idea but half the time my kids wouldn't eat the meals and I was left with way too many leftovers. I always crack up at "lawyer" vs "attorney" and "doctor" vs "physician".

Margo said...

You poor momma, you've had a lot on you plate!!

Sunrunner said...

Poor Georgia! I hope she's feeling better today! Those molten chocolate cakes sounds yummmy!!!!

Bag Balm is really good for diaper rash skin. It seals the skin from later irritations and is easy to wipe off.

And the difference between lawyer and attorney is the size of the ego...

Irene said...

I would like to order a numbit please.

No, Ms. Passionate. It's not for anal sex.

My baby boy has diarrhea, too! And just like your child, his poor butt is getting redder and redder from all the pooping! Sigh...

crazymumma said...

You know you are a genius don't you? managing to weave together diaper rash, anal sex and plug your passion products.....sheer bloody genius. I hope you both feel better.