Saturday, December 02, 2006

Snow Days

“When life hands you snow, make snow ice cream!”

That is what Eli and I did Thursday night after eight inches of snow fell in our neighborhood. That is called making the best of it, because let me tell you, I enjoy eight inches of a lot of things, but snow is not one of them. (ba boom ching)

We were unable to leave the house for two days because of the ice and snow. Preschool was cancelled, and I was stuck enjoyed a lovely time at home with the children. For two days. Eric drove my SUV to work both days because it has four-wheel drive, so we really had no chance of escape. I was so screwed.

So, the kids and I built a fire in the fireplace, and went out and scooped up a gallon of snow to make snow ice cream. In my opinion, snow ice cream is the one and only good thing about snow!

Neila’s snow ice cream
1 gallon snow
1 cup sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla
2 cups milk

Place bowl outside and collect snow (or just scoop it up, but avoid the dreaded yellow snow). When full, stir in sugar and vanilla to taste. Then stir in milk for desired consistency. Serve at once!

I remember making this when I was a little girl. Eli absolutely loved it! One of these days, I will have to analyze why all of my traditions revolve around food.

By Friday night, I was more than ready to get out of the house, so I was happy that I had a Passion Party scheduled. It was supposed to be a big one. Unfortunately, because of the bad weather, only seven people showed up. Boo. Hiss. To top it off, it was a group of nurses, who seemed to take everything very clinically. Dude! It’s a party! Have fun!

Anyway, tonight I am doing a Passion Party for Aaron, my main gay, and all of his friends from Caribou coffee. I am very excited about that one. It should be lots of fun. I just hope to God some of this ice melts today. Carrying in three big duffle bags full of merchandise is not a fun experience when faced with a sheet of ice.

Tomorrow, I’m hoping to do the Christmas song meme! I was tagged by Sadie, and haven’t forgotten. In fact, I have had the Charlie Brown Christmas theme stuck in my head for four days. I just need to put it all down on paper . . . er . . . screen!!


Janna said...

So does this make me your #2 Gay?


I haven't had snow ice cream since I was a kid. Interesting.

Have fun at the Caribou club party tonight!

ps - your 7 Silly Questions are posted @ It’s A Blog Eat Blog World


Editor said...

my dad uses Eagle Brand
Nice blog.

Hulai said...

hmm.... i grew up in texas we didnt get enough snow to do that!!!

elementaryhistoryteacher said...

Every now and then....once every 10 years or so we actually get "real" snow. Snow ice cream is the best if you resign yourself not to think of acid rain, etc.

scribbit said...

Snow ice cream? We'll have to try it, we got six inches this weekend. The kids will love it.

Sadie said...

I love SNOW CREAM! I make it whenever possible, which isn't very often. You might try a sprinkle of cinnamon on occasion, it adds a nice flavor.