Friday, December 01, 2006

The Christmas Letter

I am trying to get in the mood to write our annual Christmas letter. This is very difficult because I have just had to change two very poopy diapers, so I’m not in an extremely festive mood. The good news is that Georgia’s vocabulary is really improving. She now walks up to me and says, “Pooooooo,” with her mouth in a perfect O shape. This would actually be very cute if the smell didn’t precede her before she walked into the room.

Anyway, the Christmas letter. Every year, our cat Coconut writes the Christmas letter. The first year we were married, we just thought it was really funny, and most everyone got a kick out of it, so we just kept doing it. Daphne and Merlin should really enjoy Coconut’s letter.

What’s even funnier are the people who don’t understand it. This will be the 13th year we’ve written the Christmas letter from Coconut, and I have one aunt in particular who still doesn’t get that it is written by the cat. Priceless!

Unfortunately, this also means that everyone expects a Christmas letter. Over the years, our Christmas card list has really grown, so we have tried to pair it down. If someone didn’t send us a card, we didn’t send them one. The first year we tried that, there was a complete uproar.

What I loved is that people didn’t call us, they called our parents. I had distant cousins, former employers, and friends of my parents whom I hadn’t seen in 10 years, calling wanting to know why they didn’t receive a Christmas letter. Are you freaking kidding me?! These are the same people who never send me a Christmas card! I get nothing! But there’s pandemonium if I don’t send them a frakkin' Christmas card. Jeez!

Luckily, I can save a few stamps by emailing the Christmas letter, so we have now paired the list down to about 75. I really hope we didn’t forget anybody. If we did, I’m sure we will hear about it.

Meowy Christmas!


Momish said...

That is just so amazing. One, that you write out that many Christmas cards (God love you!) and two, that you write a letter from the cat! But, also, how attached your friends and family are to this tradition you have created. I just love that! Even if it is a hassle for you, which I totally understand.

Margo said...

75!? Wowzers!

I do hope you're planning to post a copy of this letter. ;-)

That's such a cute idea!!

Morgen said...

I think it's very funny that your Christmas letter comes from Coconut!
Why doesn't Coconut have her own blog???
E-mailing the letter: you shouldn't have to worry about how many -- since you save on stamps, right?
Do we get to see a copy of the letter here @ Blog That Diaper Lady?

Sadie said...

You know what? I'm gonna steal that idea. My husband wants to do a letter this year and I was dreading it but if Merlin could write it then that would make it a lot more fun!!!

crazymumma said...

Well now you have just piqued my interest! Can your cat be a guest blogger as well?

My Xmas card would read thus: Dear Wentworth. I lust after every piece of you. Please make me a woman tonight.

Oh scuse me...good will to all I meant. Meow.

Char said...

I found your blog thanks to Gayla's tip! My father started the Christmas letter tradition in our family and it is so much fun to go back and read the old ones (he was smart enough to keep a copy of each one).

I have done my best to continue the tradition, although there have been a few years where I missed. This year's letter will be fun - we've done so much this year and have lots to say. Now I just have to find time to crank it out.