Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Blessed by Coffee Gods

In case you all didn’t know, I love coffee. I know. Shocker! Even if I had an IV drip of coffee, I would still probably need a four-shot latte before noon. It is the lifeblood in my veins. I mentioned before how I would blog for coffee. Luckily, my friend Aaron, knew I was serious. He now works at Caribou Coffee, after leaving his wonderful job at Hen House where he barely escaped an altercation with a customer (that’s a blog in itself).

Aaron emailed last week and said he had a pound of Caribou’s new Reindeer Blend if I wanted to try it. If?!! Are you freaking kidding me?! He drove it over that afternoon, and we have been enjoying Caribou’s Reindeer Blend for the last few days. Oh, it rocks! It really, really does.

It’s described on their Web site as a classic dark roast holiday blend that is dark, syrupy and smooth.

I love strong coffee (a dark brew), but I really don’t like Starbucks coffee because it is almost bitter, and I drink a lot of coffee. After a four-shot latte at Starbucks, I always have a stomachache. Not cool. You all know that Folger’s sent me some free coffee to try a few weeks ago, and my favorite of theirs was the Lively Columbian. Okay, that was minor league compared to Caribou.

If you like a strong dark roast, you must try Caribou’s Reindeer blend. It’s good. It’s damn good. The aroma alone is enough to make me swoon. Even my husband likes it, and he is not big on the dark roast, but he actually brewed a pot yesterday for himself. Trust me, that’s a good recommendation.

Aaron left a comment on my blog the other day that some of you may have seen. Apparently, he got approval from his manager to hook me up with a pound of coffee a week (!!!) if I would blog about it. Oh yeah, baby!!! Christmas came early this year at my house.

I just thought you all should know why there will be a weekly coffee blog around here. It’s because Aaron is now my dealer and he will be hooking me up with a fix once a week. I’m downright giddy.

In addition, I just about had an orgasm the other day when I tried Caribou’s gingerbread latte. Oh, sweet Lord in heaven, Starbucks only dreams they could make gingerbread lattes this good. Caribou mixes their gingerbread spice with white mocha for their latte. Yum-o! In fact, I feel like jumping in the car right now and heading across town for coffee. Oh what the hell. Off I go for my Gingerbread Latte. I will see you all later. Hope you try out Caribou!


Hulai said...

Oh that gingerbread latte really is good! That is a great recomendation! I agree their coffee is soo much better than Starbucks!

Morgen said...

That sounds deeelish!
Tell Aaron to hook me up and I'll blog about coffee every day and how he is the new caffeine god.
Gingerbread Latte -- I won't tell you what swill I'm drinking right now, but trust me, it ain't gingerbread latte...
damn, tell Aaron to move to Michigan and open a coffee shop across the street from me!

Sparky said...

dang, the rich just keep getting richer.

Sunrunner said...

Very cool. A Caribou Coffeeshop just opened somewhat near us. I'll have to go pick up a pound of coffee from there. I will start looking for your coffee blogs!