Wednesday, November 15, 2006

80’s Baby

I was in the car with my children yesterday running errands. It was a bad time. Georgia was tired, and I knew she needed a nap, but I had to pick up a prescription and go to the bank. I figured I could suffer through it. It didn’t take long before she started screaming. She didn’t want to be in the car, and she was pissed.

As the screaming grew louder, Eli became annoyed and started yelling, “Georgia! Be quiet!” This, of course, made her scream louder.

When we are at home, all I have to do to calm her down is sing Edelweiss. Seriously, she can be in the throws of an all out crying jag, but two bars of Edelweiss will immediately quiet her down. It’s pretty amazing.

Unfortunately, that little trick doesn’t work in the car. So, I began trying different CDs to find one that would calm her down. Children’s music – nothing. Enya – nada. Finally, I popped in an 80’s CD I had mixed for myself. Asia came on blaring Heat of the Moment. Amazingly, the cries quieted, and I heard Georgia start clapping in time to the music.

Seriously? Asia?

Luckily, that kept her quiet through the bank drive-through. Sadly, the calm only lasted through the one song. When the next song came on, she started screaming again. Apparently, she wasn’t as fond of Quiet Riot and Cum On Feel The Noize. I thought I would mix it up, so I put in my Nickelback CD. No such luck.

I just looked in my rearview mirror and said, “You have GOT to be kidding me! You like Asia, but you don’t like Nickelback?” *sigh* Eli was just covering his ears at this point, so I don’t think he really cared what we listened to. I popped Asia back in. Silence. Clap. Clap. Clap.


Needless to say, we listened to that song six times before we got home. Today, when Georgia acted up in the car, I flipped through my entire 80’s CD to see if any other song had a calming reaction. Surprisingly, 867-5309 had the same effect. Silence. Clap. Clap. Clap.

At least that gives us some variety. Apparently, my daughter has quite a fondness for select 80’s tunes. Maybe tomorrow, I will try some Sister Christian and really mix things up.


Sparky said...

Georgia has some good taste musically, or at least interesting. Though I think for me, Asia and Nickelback really tie

Anonymous said...

That's freaking hilarious! I can't blame her though because I really like Asia myself. 867-5309, 867-5309,.......Oh, great! Now that will be stuck in my brain! At least what she likes is good 80's music and not the really off the wall stuff!

Morgen said...

you kill me

how 'bout some classic Wham!
what 80's child couldn't jam along to Wake Me Up, Before You Go Go


so, when you got home, what kind of a shot did you put into your Caribou? Burbon, I'm guessing...


scribbit said...

She has good taste.

maggie said...

That is to funny. We went through a similar phase. My son would only listen to Queen.

Julie said...

That is hilarious.

SQT said...

My daughter loves 80's music. Gee, I can't imagine where she got that?!

Madonna is her all time favorite and Duran Duran runs a close second. She likes to use my ipod and look for "Hungry like the wolf."

Sadie said...

Interesting musical tastes your daughter has. When my 3 year old niece was a baby she really liked Annie Lenox for some reason...

I'm just laughing visualizing all of you in the car listening to Asia over and over and over. Poor Eli will have some sort of trauma whenever he hears "Heat of the Moment..."

Sunrunner said...

That's hilarious! My kids love "Come On Eileen" and "99 Luftballoons". All 3 of them sing along.