Monday, June 16, 2008

Manic Monday - Will

This week’s Manic Monday word is Will. I thought I could easily tell you about our weekend because my mantra was ‘We will celebrate a successful Father’s Day.’

Eric recently had a death in the family, and we will be going out of town for a funeral this week, so I thought we could at least have a fun day on Sunday. Well, that started off with severe thunderstorm warnings and the weather radio going off very loudly in the morning. Why does it have to rain every other freaking day?

But, where there’s a will, there’s a way. We trekked out into the storm to take Eric out to lunch. First, we went to Cracker Barrel, which was packed. We decided not to wait for an hour and went to Ruby Tuesday’s instead. Georgia slipped and skinned her knee running into the restaurant in the rain, so I know all the people around us were thrilled when we brought a screaming child in.

We finally calmed her down (all it took was crayons and a Sprite), when Eli decided that it would be more fun to crawl under the table and make animal noises. I gritted my teeth and said, “Eli! Get in your seat.” He responded, “You have to push the ‘get in your seat’ button.” So, I pressed a pretend button. Eli said, “That’s not the right one.” Grrrrr! I said, “ELI!” He said, “Press the other button.” *sigh* I pressed another pretend button. Then, Eli started to shake uncontrollably. “Mama!” he said. “You pressed the shake button!”

That’s about the time I started mentally repeating to myself, “I will not smack my kid in public.” Finally, I pressed the correct pretend button, and Eli backed up into his seat (complete with back-up beeping noises).

Then, we went to Target because Georgia needed a new dress to wear to the funeral. You would be amazed at how loud Georgia’s screaming is when echoing in the fitting room. After chasing her around the dressing room for five minutes, I said, “Look, Georgia. Here’s the deal. If you let me try this dress on you, I will give you a lollipop.” So she walked over to me and let me put the dress on her. As soon as it was over her head, she said, “Give me my lollipop.” *sigh*

After we made it out of Target, we took the kids to see Kung Fu Panda because we promised. We all seemed to enjoy it except for one small incident. Georgia climbed up to sit on my lap and somehow, her Pull-Up had shifted so it wasn’t quite covering her properly. I didn’t notice this until she peed. There’s nothing like having a child sitting on your lap when all of a sudden you feel that telltale warmth spread over your legs. So, I had to sit through the rest of the movie covered in Georgia’s pee. Luckily, the movie wasn’t that long. But I will tell you one thing. We will be getting potty-trained. SOON!


Janna said...

Can I have some crayons and a Sprite too?

Mariposa said...

Gosh, I really want to watch Kung Fu Panda, my asthma is preventing me from getting what I want...!!! LOL

Looks like you have fun...happy MM!

Ivanhoe said...

Oh no! You gotta potty train your little Georgia soon. Have a better Monday (if it's only possible with two kiddos :o)

WillThink4Wine said...

So what was the evening like?

the teach said...

Well, Neila, that seemed like a happy father's day...Yikes! :D

Jamie said...

Sounds like the best laid plans went a bit astray, but at least it was a nice outing with the family.

Crazy Working Mom said...

Oh, you poor thing...pee covered Panda watcher. *sigh* We don't take Tyler to the movies anymore. In fact, I don't like to take him anywhere! *LOL* What's wrong with our children?!?!