Monday, June 09, 2008

Manic Monday - Under

After last week’s Manic Monday word of over, I should have been under the assumption that this week’s word would be Under. This is one of those words that has me a little troubled because I thought of lots of little things to write about, but it was hard to come up with one main thing.

Eric and I went to a movie this weekend. Yes, I finally managed to drag him to see The Strangers. (Score for me!) I thought it was f*cking scary, and Eric has my claw marks on his hand to prove it. Next time, I really need to file down my nails before I take him to a scary movie. I am glad that he went with me instead of my friend Stacey because she seriously would have been hiding under her seat.

Eric thought the end of the movie was a little gruesome, but up until then it scared the crap out of me. You know how a lot of scary movies create the build-up of suspense only to have a cat jump out at you from under the bed? Well, not this damn movie. Every time there was a build-up of suspense, it was because there was someone in a mask right f*cking there ready to pop out! So, a definite thumbs up from me! If you want to be scared, go see The Strangers.

But, here is my issue. I was under the impression that kids can’t see an R-rated movie if they are under 18. Dude! How do so many kids get into these R-rated movies? Don’t they card people anymore? WTF?! That is not cool.

Then, I have the problem with all of the PG-13 movies being marketed to young children, like all the Pirate movies, Indiana Jones, Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, etc. Twice now, I have told Eli “No” to movies he has wanted to see because, Hello! He’s not even 6 yet! I really don’t think children under 10 need to see PG-13 movies. Yet, Eli has a friend who is younger than he is whose parents take him to see all these movies. Eli came to me the other day and said, “J saw Iron Man! You told me it wasn’t appropriate for children!” I said, “It’s NOT!” Now, I have to figure out how to handle this because apparently I am stricter than other parents. Where do you all stand on this issue?

As a mom, this issue leaves me under a lot of pressure:


Tangerine said...

That also concerns me. I think parents have to be told what movies they should bring their kids to. I wouldn't let my son watch movies that has a theme "war" in it. :(

Anyway, hmmm...I do remember a vague memory from the past. I was only 9 and my mom brought me to the movies to watch Ghost with her.

After that movie, I told my mom I wanted to have Demi Moore's haircut. Hahaha. :)


Desert Songbird said...

First of all, great choice of music. I love that song.

About the movies, I think it's a personal choice. My 9yo has seen some PG-13 movies, but hubby and I decide which ones. Certainly we don't allow him to see all of them. My 12yo is funny; she can handle the dark stuff in Harry Potter, and she can handle the violence in Lord of the Rings, but kissing and sexual innuendos? No way! She freaks out.

Gattina said...

Poor moms they are mostly under pression !

WillThink4Wine said...

First of all, no scary movies for me ever. Never!!

Secondly, if someone told you parenting would be easy, they lied! You have to be able to stand your ground. My parents always had more strict guidlines than any of my friends parents. We just expected them to always say no!

Crazy Working Mom said...

I SO TOTALLY wanna see that movie. Wish I could've went with ya. I can never find anyone to go see scary movies with me.

As for the PG13 thing. You SHOULD stand your ground with him. Use the ole "if everyone else jumped off a bridge scenario" with him. It works every time. I am probably not as strict as I should be with mine, though.

Happy MM, Neila.

CrAzY Working Mom

LadyBugCrossing said...

I'm the meanest mom ever. I don't let my children see many movies that are technically age appropriate - never mind the ones that aren't.

My kids are teens and I still monitor what they see and who they see it with.

Stand your ground!!

Ivanhoe said...

As long as they have a guardian over 18 or a parent with them, they do let them in. It bothers me too, even though I do not have children. Who knows what are these kids watching at home and playing on their X-box...
Have a great Monday!

The Flying Monkeys said...

OMG I hate scary movies!
Come check out whats going on UNDER my blog!

Michelle said...

Don't worry about not wanting your kids to go see movies when they are UNDER the age limit. You won't be the strict one all the time. Just remember to pick your battles. I think that is an important one and you should stand by it. I am apparently the 'strict one' too, as my 6 year old daughter told me. 'ALL' the other kids in class go to bed later than she does. Plus, ALL the other kids in her class are allowed to watch 'Drake & Josh'. I guess I am just a big meanie. I just blogged about something like this over at Mommy Confessions a few days ago. Come and check it out.

Travis said...

Don't let what other parents do guide you with your kids. You know them best, and you know what they can handle.

I'd like to think that's the deciding factor for other parents too, but that may just be me being naive.

As for specifics, I think Iron Man is a bit intense for a 6 year old. Same with Hulk and any other super hero movie coming out. These movies just aren't like the Saturday morning cartoon shows, and it's a shame that the marketing spills over to younger kids.