Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Georgia - The Career Woman

I absolutely love it when kids are at the age when they are very into pretend play. It’s also interesting because whatever they pretend seems to be taken directly from mom and dad.

When Eli was in the age 2 or 3 range, he would build a coffeehouse (Starbucks or Scooters) on his Lego table. Then, he would get on his Little Tikes car and ride by like he was going to the drive-thru to get coffee. After that, he would go to his play computer and pretend to check his email.

I remember Eric saying, “Well, now I know how you spend your day.”

Georgia is now in that same stage, and she is hilarious. This morning, she was on her toy cell phone and she was yelling, “Can you hear me?! Yes! Am I on speaker?!” Then, she went and put her Cinderella ‘high-heeled’ shoes on, grabbed her purse and announced, “I’m off to work!”

I said, “Bye, Georgia! Have a good day!” She yelled back, “I will. Love you, mama! See you later alligator.”

Then she pretended to go out the front door and come back in again. “I’m home! Yes, I did have a good day!”

Dude! This is hysterical, considering that she’s not even 3 yet!

Anyway, I just had to share. I know the kids can drive me crazy, but I always love it when they do cute stuff to remind me why I love them so much!


MoziEsmé said...

This is absolutely the scariest part of parenting for me! I am so not who I want my baby to imitate!

Even at 14 months, my baby is doing the same things - making hand motions, sticking her tongue out of her mouth as she concentrates, wiping her bottom with toilet paper, feeding her babies as I feed her, etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

I can remember a friend of mine's little girl when prompted what her parent did for a living she replied that one "counts beans" and the other "drinks cokes" LOL!

Kids.... grin