Friday, June 06, 2008

We're Gonna Scooooore Tonight!

Today was Eric’s birthday, and it was a very busy day. Eli has been asking for months to go bowling, so today for the very first time, we took him bowling. Dude! He holds the ball over his head and throws it down the lane! Every time it was his turn, I think the people in the lanes around us stepped back and ducked.

Even if Eli did make his mark on the bowling alley, everyone had a lot of fun. I was even better than I remembered. I scored over 100, which is really good for me! Anyway, I have some pictures that I will post next week.

And by the way, can anyone else think of bowling with out thinking of this song from Grease 2? That song is going to be stuck in my head for a week.

After bowling, we played miniature golf in the Tiki Hut Putt Putt. Eli really treats it more like shuffleboard than golf, but it works for him.

Next, we went out to lunch and then came home to rest for a little bit before Eric’s parents came over to watch the kids. Eric and I immediately drove someplace with alcohol and downed a couple of Long Island Iced Teas before heading off to the movies.

Now, I am all about action movies. I like all the superhero movies – Spiderman, Batman, Incredible Hulk, etc. Eric will never go see any of those movies with me because “they’re not realistic.” That’s right, he can’t suspend his disbelief for two hours to enjoy Spiderman. Whatever.

Tonight, he got to choose the movie. He chose the new Indiana Jones movie. Dude! Seriously! It had aliens! And the special effects? Come on! Shia Labouff swinging through the vines? A boat going over waterfalls that made Niagra Falls look tame, yet everyone popped up just fine?!

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed it! But I am sooooo making Eric go see The Incredible Hulk with me. And if he uses his whole unrealistic argument, I just might have to smack him.

Now we’re going to enjoy some carrot cake and hopefully get Eli to sleep so Eric can pull out the new little toy I gave him for a birthday present. Yes, I shopped at Passion Parties. ;-)

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Sadie said...

Dude, all it took was for me to see the title of this post in my Google Reader for that song to be stuck in my head. ;)