Thursday, April 24, 2008

13 Things My Son Said About Me

At preschool, Eli had to fill out a sheet this week answering questions about his mom. Here are a few of the things he said about me.

1. My mom is 50 feet tall. (a little off)

2. My mom weighs 60 pounds (Hey, I’ll take it!)

3. My mom is 16 years old. (Close enough!)

4. My mom’s favorite food is spaghetti. (That’s his favorite food.)

5. While I’m at preschool my mom stays home with Georgia. (Yes, and I watch soap operas and eat bon-bons.)

6. My mom is really good at using chopsticks. (Only if they’re shaped like a fork.)

7. One thing my mother doesn’t like is when we climb on the cabinets. (Wow! That means he sometimes listens!)

8. When my mom has spare time she likes to help me do stuff I can’t do. (like pick up toys and clean his room. :-)

9. My mom’s favorite television show is Days Of Our Lives. (Okay, yes, this one’s true.)

10. My favorite thing that my mom cooks is oatmeal cookies. (Those oatmeal scotchies made an impression on everyone!)

11. My mom’s favorite restaurant is Let’s Dish. The food isn’t poisonous so kids can eat it. (Bwahahaha!)

12. What I like to do best with my mom is go to the grocery store. (So he can throw a bunch of stuff in the cart while I’m not looking.)

13. My mom’s favorite color is pink. (it’s purple)


Lindsay said...

50 feet tall and 60 pounds...Eli's mommy is a supermodel! :)

Adelle said...

Aww! Kids are so precious lol Thanks for sharing. Happy T13!

Adelle said...

Aww! Kids are so precious lol Thanks for sharing. Happy T13!

DrillerAA said...

OK, so there is one half hour day devoted to watching TV and eating bon bons. That's not bad.

Have a great TT.

SandyCarlson said...

Your little guy rocks! Tall and lean and young but able to tackle a plate of spaghetti? You're cooler than cool, too!

marcia said...

how fun I love those please save that for ever

Crazy Working Mom said...

Shelby did a thing like this last year for Mother's Day. She said that at work I, "watch other people work all day". The whole thing was too funny!

Lori said...

Kids are great, arent they?? Gotta love'um! Happy TT:)

TLC said...

That was so cute! Happy TT!

Suprina said...

When my daughter was in the 1st grade they made the mother's this awesome About My Mother Mother's Day book.

In it she said that her mom was as smart as a Penguin. After that....I love penguins and Have found just about anything penguin related during the christmas season that I can.

Awesome list.

Mine is up at

Happy TT!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

What a fun list! I shudder to think what my girls would say about me. :)

Laura said...

How cute is that?

The New Mrs. Rue said...

That's so funny! I used to work in preschool so they say the most hilarious things! How old is your son?

Anonymous said...

Hehe. Cute T13. Out of the mouths of babes. If only losing weight was that easy!