Monday, April 21, 2008

Wild Animal Crunch – a yummy new cereal!

Cereal is one of my pleasures in life. I just love cereal, and could probably eat it for every meal. So, I was very excited when Mom Central teamed up with Kellogg’s Company to send me a box of the new Wild Animal Crunch cereal.

My kids are at the age where they are starting to get into the cereal kick, so I am constantly looking for cereals they enjoy that consist of more than a bowl of sugar.

Wild Animal Crunch cereal includes vanilla- and chocolate-flavored wholegrain puffs. Each serving of Wild Animal Crunch contains 14 grams of whole grains and more than three grams of fiber.

But, how do they taste? That’s the real question. They’re good! They are sweet, but not sugary – along the lines of a corn pop if you want to compare sweetness. My husband and I both enjoyed them for breakfast. My 2-year-old daughter also really liked them. I put some in a little baggie for her and took them to the park with us as a snack. She just munched on the Wild Animal Crunch as she would Cheerios and she seemed perfectly happy.

My 5-year-old son was another story. He doesn’t seem to get excited about any cereal that won’t rot his teeth out of his head or that doesn’t promise him a free trip to meet Hannah Montana. However, once I poured a him a bowl of Wild Animal Crunch and put it in front of him, he ate it and said he liked it even though he wasn’t jumping up and down with excitement.

My son was more interested in the box! Each box provides animal games and fun facts to teach children how animals survive in the wild. I think I ended up reading my son the entire box. Each box also contains a real animal picture (we got the Panda, much to my daughter’s excitement), and tells parents and children about Animal Planet’s R.O.A.R. program (Reach out, Act, and Respond).

Look for Wild Animal Crunch in your grocery store today or visit the Kellogg’s Web site for more information. You can also visit Animal Planet’s Web site for more information on their R.O.A.R. program.

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