Sunday, April 13, 2008

Get rid of lice with Lice M.D.

I don’t know about you, but I seem to remember vividly the times when there were cases of lice running rampant throughout our grade school. If one child had it, it wasn’t long before those little buggers jumped from head to head to head. And if you got lice, you were screwed because in third grade the only thing that brought down your social standing more than lice was a bad case of coodies.

Although there’s still no cure for coodies, lice can be taken care of quickly and easily with Lice M.D. The kind folks at Mom Central sent me a free sample of Lice M.D., and although we’re not currently experiencing a lice problem, I am pleased to have this on hand since my son starts kindergarten in the fall.

Lord only knows what they used to spread on our heads in the 70’s, but now Lice M.D. provides an effective remedy that is pesticide-free and eliminates lice in three easy steps without pulling your child’s hair out. With Lice M.D., you can take control of your lice problem before it takes control of you and your household.

Lice M.D. is clinically tested by pediatricians and proven to be effective at eliminating lice, eggs and nits. Plus, Lice M.D. uses a synthetic lubricant which makes it easy to comb through hair – almost like a conditioner!

You can apply Lice M.D. in three simple steps to eliminate your lice problem. First, apply it to dry hair, then wait 10 minutes. Next, section and comb the hair (with Lice M.D. still in it) to remove lice, eggs and nits. Third, shampoo hair regularly with shampoo and warm water. It’s as simple as that!!

Visit the Lice M.D. Web site to learn more about this wonderful product and watch their product video. Trust me, if you have kids in grade school, this is something you should definitely keep on hand as a staple. The Lice M.D. Web site offers more product info as well as testimonials, additional resources, and printable coupons for Lice M.D.!

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