Friday, April 04, 2008

The latest contraption

Dude! April Fool’s needs to end before my son gives me a heart attack. He has spent the last week either hiding my stuff or jumping out at me from behind furniture yelling “APRIL FOOL’S!!”

I keep telling him that April Fool’s Day is just that – ONE DAY! And it’s over. He’s not getting it. I can only handle someone jumping out at me so many times.

In other news, Eli’s parent-teacher conference was today. You never know exactly what you’re going to hear, but it was all good . . . well, mostly good. I learned that Eli needs to work on his listening (gee, there’s a big shocker), and that he needs to work on kicking a ball because that’s not really one of his strengths.

I tried really hard not to laugh. I told his teacher that after two summers of soccer and Eli lying down on the field, I was way ahead of her on knowing that kicking a ball wasn’t really his strong suit.

Luckily, Eli has the vocabulary and creativity to make up for it – as proven by his drawing of an underground television complete with large buttons and instructions on how to operate it. He enjoyed telling me about his "latest contraption." How does he even know what contraption means? I have one interesting kid!


Anonymous said...

Contraption... what a big word!

Mo said...

Oh, he's probably overheard Daddy looking into Mommy's Passion Party bag (no doubt at a vibrator with more bells and whistles than a new car!) and saying "What's that contraption?"