Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Plumm Summer is a great family film!

A Plumm Summer is a new family film based on a true story in 1960’s Montana, where a well-loved TV puppet, FroggyDoo, gets stolen during a live show. The outcry of Montana families spur an FBI investigation, but the children of the small town race to solve the mystery on their own. A Plumm Summer is the winner of the Audience Best Film Award at the International Family Film Festival, and stars Henry Winkler, Billy Baldwin, Jeff Daniels, Brenda Strong and Chris J. Kelly.

We really enjoyed this movie as a family. Even though I will always think of Henry Winkler as The Fonz, I love him in just about anything. The child actors in this movie are very talented, particularly Chris J. Kelly who plays teenage Elliott – the junior detective trying to find Froggy Doo. Elliott captures teenage angst in all its glory as he tries to win the affection of the girl next door, be a hero for his little brother, and gain the respect he deserves from his alcoholic father.

My husband and I sat down to watch a DVD screener of the movie, and I asked my 5-year-old if he wanted to watch it too. He scoffed a little bit because anything that’s not animated is considered “a grown-up movie” in his mind. However, by the end of the movie, he was sitting right in front of the TV asking, “Do you think they’re going to find the frog?!”

There were a few tense moments mostly related to the dysfunctional family dynamic that my son didn’t quite understand, but he seemed to love the overall story of a group of kids in search of Froggy Doo. It’s always nice to be a be able to sit down and watch a movie with my child and not have to worry about violence, language or sex – none of which you have to worry about in A Plumm Summer.

A Plumm Summer opens April 25th in a limited release in the following areas around the country:

* California: LA and surrounding areas
* Alabama: Birmingham, Trussville
* Minnesota: Oakdale, Lakeville, Eagan
* Montana: Billings, Bozeman, Kalispel, Livingston or Missoula

Support independent films! If A Plumm Summer is opening near you, I hope you will see this heart-warming family movie. Visit the official Web site for more information about the movie, and view the trailer below:

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