Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Haircut

Eric decided it was about time to get a haircut and was wondering how short to cut it. . . Okay, so I decided it was time for him to get a haircut. (I'm sorry - but unless you're Jon Bon Jovi, not many guys can rock the long locks.)

Eric called and made an appointment. Unfortunately, his regular guy had left, so he got a new guy. Anyway, Eric asked me how short I wanted his hair, so I told him I would print out a picture for him to take in with him. I printed off this picture of what I thought would be a good haircut and handed it to him.

He just looked at it and glared at me.

Me: "What?"

Eric: "Do you honestly think I am going to walk in and hand some guy this picture and say I want my hair like Brad Pitt?"

Me: "It's just the hair you're going for. It's not like you want him to turn you into Brad Pitt."

Eric: *glares at me*

Me: "By the way, can I have that picture back when you're done?"

Eric: *glares at me*

Me: "What?"

I'll let you know how it turns out.


Leeann said...

ROFL! Okay, this post made me laugh out loud! I can totally picture it!


Anonymous said...

Hehe. That's too funny. I would've gotten that look, too.