Saturday, December 16, 2006

Weekend Vignettes

Psycho Trauma
I took the children to Target yesterday to do a little Christmas shopping. Georgia is getting continuously worse about riding in shopping carts. Yesterday, when I was attempting to put her into the shopping cart, I was reminded of that scene in Norma Rae.

You remember the one. The police were taking Sally Field away and trying to get her in the police car. She was screaming to high heaven, kicking viciously, and grabbing every object in sight in an attempt to anchor herself so they couldn’t shove her into the police car.

That was mild compared to my daughter when faced with a shopping cart at Target.

Christmas Cookies
Today, the children and I spent the day making Christmas cookies. Eli had been so excited about making the cookies all week, so I got out all the cookie cutters and let him choose the ones he wanted to use. You can definitely tell he was in charge as evidenced by our Christmas Pumpkins.

Eric knew we were spending the day making Christmas cookies, so he was extremely surprised when he walked in the door this evening and was faced with countertops full of pumpkin shaped cookies with orange frosting, decorated in black M&M’s.

The Bullet
My father called today. He said he was thinking about getting a bullet for my mom for Christmas and wanted to ask me some questions about it. He began asking me questions about how you wash it and how strong the motor was.

Thank God he couldn’t see me blushing over the phone. My response was a lovely, “Ummm, ub, I uhhh, well, hmmmm . . .”

Then it finally occurred to me that while I was thinking about this bullet:

my dad was talking about this bullet:

Jeez! I swear he did that on purpose. Thank God he’s interested in making my fabulous guacamole and not . . . oh, Christ. I don’t even want to go there.


Le laquet said...

LMAO!! Does he read your blog?

Morgen said...

Either way, he wants your Mom to experience some joy on Christmas!
Ho Ho Ho

no pictures of the Great Christmas Pumpkins???

ian said...

Is it wrong of me that when I was in Walmart the other day and saw the Magic Bullet display I immediately thought of you?


Hulai said...

now that would be funny if the bullet you were thinking about really was the same bullet your dad was thinking about! you are too funny!

SQT said...

OMG! I was laughing out loud reading this. I have a whole new idea about the proverbial "magic bullet" now.

Christmas pumpkins sound like a tradition in the making.

Neila said...

You know, I personally think the Passion bullet creates a lot more "magic." But that's just me. ;-)

My dad actually does read this blog. That's even more disturbing.

And Ian, I am truly touched that you think of me. ;-)

ian said...

He reads this, huh?

Maybe he was thinking about making some guacamole of his own.


Peanut said...

i'm thinking i now know why the public library classifies this blog as pornographic....

Kristin said...

omg... that is hysterical!!

Sparky Duck said...

extremely funny, and I want that Bullet too, which is on Sale this Tues and Wed at Macy's