Friday, December 22, 2006

Meowy Christmas!!

Okay, I told you all a while back that I wrote the Christmas letter every year from our cat, Coconut. This is the 13th year I have done this! I thought I would post the letter I recently mailed out so you all can see how bizarre I am (as if you don't already know). I will probably be out of the blogosphere for a couple of days as we continue our Christmas tour of Kansas. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and a very Merry Christmas!!

On to the letter:

Dear Friends and Family,

Hairballs and Hallelujah! What a Meowy Christmas it is!

Tidings to all! It is I, Coconut the Christmas kitty back for my 13th annual Christmas letter! Wow! How time flies. The torment I have exuded on the humans over the years . . . ahhhh, what wonderful memories! Let me fill you in on what they have been up to. It has been quite a busy year around this place!

Eric just celebrated his seventh anniversary at American Century Investments (ACI). This year, he is looking forward to his one-month sabbatical, in which he plans to take the family on a vacation to a beach somewhere. Eli wants to see the ocean, and Neila wants to lounge on a beach and have a hot guy in a Speedo bring her margaritas, so they are still debating on where to go. I’m sure Marcel and I will be left at home. We never get a vacation, but now we will be free to unleash many hairballs all over the house.

Eric was rewarded as one of the top performers in his company this year, which provided him with new opportunities to explore leadership positions within ACI. He also got to have lunch with Lance Armstrong (that's my husband in front standing right next to Lance. I thought it was interesting that they were exactly the same height.), ACI’s new collaborator, but despite Neila’s urging, Eric refused to ask him what really happened with Sheryl Crow.

Neila has been ultra-busy this year. She was matron of honor in August for her friend Heather’s wedding. Heather got engaged in May, so it was a whirlwind of a summer with lots of wedding activities. Neila even wore a strapless dress down the aisle, and subsequently burned all existing pictures of herself in the dress.

Neila’s book on mommy life turned into a mommy blog this summer when she started Blog That Mommy! at She writes much better when she has people expecting to read something new each day. Neila began Blog That Mommy! in June and updates it daily. It has gained popularity in the blogosphere and now gets several hundred hits a week.

Neila’s other project has been to take on more of a part-time job in addition to her Web editing. She began selling Discovery Toys earlier this year, and then decided to get into Passion Parties. (What, no cat toys?!) With Passion Parties, Neila has truly found her niche. She does in-home parties selling sensual and adult products for women and couples. She truly loves it, and is having an awesome time! You can check out her Passion Web site at

With the children getting older, the humans have been involved in a lot more activities this year. The Wiggles came through town in May, and Eric and Neila took Eli as a special treat. Subsequently, Neila became a bigger Wiggles fan than Eli and secretly listens to their CDs in her car when she’s alone.

Georgia started Gymboree and Kindermusik over the summer. She loves to stay active! The humans enrolled Eli in swimming lessons this year, and he passed with flying colors! After that, he attended British soccer camp. His coach was American. I still don’t get that. Aside from that, he absolutely loved it and has been asking to go back to soccer ever since.

Eli has really come out of his shell this year. He has gone from being a little shy to taking quite the leadership role. He is very computer savvy and at four years old, is quite the whiz at several computer games. Eli is in his second year of preschool, and it’s always fun to hear what his teachers have to say about him. Last month, we heard, “He is so creative and he has a great vocabulary.” Uh-oh. Luckily, they meant this in a good way. He says things like, “Mama, I’m feeling a little apprehensive.” Or “I know what picture I’m going to draw because I had an inspiration.” Or when he gets in trouble, “Mama, I acknowledge what you’re saying, but my feelings are telling me I need to do it anyway.” Sometimes it’s hard to argue with a kid who is that logical.

Eli also likes to take everything apart he can get his hands on. If he finds a screwdriver, we’re in big trouble. Marcel and I watched him locate Eric’s screwdriver and take apart two bar stools one day. Neila thought he was content watching Noggin. Little does she know we have been helping him perfect his destructive side. The humans have been trying to counteract this by enrolling Eli in the previously mentioned constructive activities.

We just have to work hard on keeping Eli from pushing his sister or taking things away from her. That little girl is already learning to fight, and can let out a scream that can shatter glass when someone takes something away from her. Not cool. I have had to hide in the basement many times.

Luckily, Georgia is very cat friendly. She doesn’t pull our tails like Eli used to. She has learned gentle petting and nice hugs are great for kitties. She even had a Hello Kitty party for her first birthday in June. It just warms my feline heart.

We really have to keep an eye on this little go-getter. She wants to do everything her brother does, which is not always a good thing. Georgia’s vocabulary has really started improving lately, too. She was walking before she was a year old, and now she is talking up a storm. We are hoping to start litter box training . . . I mean potty training sometime soon since she will go tell mommy every time she makes “Poe.” Neila is none too excited about potty training again. She still hasn’t figured out if that is worse than teething.

It’s amazing how quickly the kids are growing up. Georgia is already very into shoes. She loves everyone’s shoes. She will carry them around and try them on. *sigh* That does not bode well for the teenage years. She is also very into 80’s music, and particularly loves Asia (Heat of the Moment anyone?) She must have been an 80’s groupie in a past life. When she’s not head banging to Asia or Def Leppard, she loves her books and she loves playing with cars! I have never seen a little girl so into cars.

And then there’s me. Now that the humans stay busy with the children, Marcel and I pretty much run the household. I have perfected my middle-of-the-night hairballs to an art, making sure to spew them in the doorway to the bathroom or on the new loveseat in the living room. The humans’ reactions are always priceless. I also love to meow loudly right after they get Georgia to sleep. That one is a little risky because I have to run quickly enough that I don’t get caught or else I get locked in the utility room. Hmmm . . . New Year’s resolution - must get into shape.

We hope all of you and your humans are doing well this holiday season, and that you find joy in all the things in your life. Meowy Christmas! And Happy New Year!

Coconut & Marcel
Eric, Neila,
Eli and Georgia


Julie said...

That Coconut is quite a cunning linguist (!!!) and should think about starting her own blog... :-)

SQT said...

Eric wouldn't ask about Sheryl Crow? What a waste of an opportunity.

ian said...


Merry Christmas, Neila. I spent my evening wrapping up some SPECIAL gifts that just arrived in the mail today. :P


Margo said...

Love it! Love it! :-)

And you're a busy mom, are you not!?

Sunrunner said...

Grrrr... I haven't gotten to open my gifts yet!!! Merry Christmas Neila and family!!!