Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Frustrations (aka Borders is the devil)

This morning, I made the very bad decision to do a little shopping for myself. You all know my obsession with Prison Break. I desperately want the Season 1 DVD, but with two children and this being Christmas season, I just can’t bring myself to shell out $40 for something I don’t need. I know no one got me Prison Break for Christmas because yesterday my husband came to me with a coupon from Borders good for 40% off boxed sets of DVDs!! 40%!!! That’s all I needed. I may not be able to spend $40 on myself, but I can spend $20-something.

I looked online last night to make sure they had Prison Break in stock at the Borders near me. It said they did. I saw they had the regular price listed at $47.99. I did the math in my head. (Okay, I really used a calculator, but work with me.) With the coupon, that would be $28.79. Still under the $30 mark.

So, I drug Eli out of bed this morning. Georgia had risen at 5:3o, so she was already up. Eli was not pleased that he had to get up to look for a Christmas gift for mommy, but I promised him a coffee drink at the Border’s CafĂ©. For him, that means hot chocolate. We rushed to Borders and got there six minutes after they opened. We ran in and searched for the Prison Break DVD.

When I saw a big blank space on the shelf in the P’s, I knew I was in trouble. I had the Border’s guy look for me just in case I missed it, and he had another woman look for him (because it showed in the freaking system that they had one somewhere). Grrrr!! They couldn’t find it either, so the guy proceeded to call all of the other Borders in the city.

He finally found a Borders clear across town that had one Prison Break DVD left. However, because of the coupon, they couldn’t hold any boxed sets. What did this mean? This meant the Borders employees were shouting “Good Luck!” as the kids and I dashed out the door. On to the next Borders.

Two interstates and several minutes later, we got there and rushed inside. Again. This time, I found it!!! My joy didn’t last very long because I soon saw the price. The “sale” price was $49.99. The actual price was $59.99!! I went up to the information desk and asked if the 40% was good on the sale price or the regular price. Well of course, it’s off the regular price. Mother f*ck! That made it $36, which was above my price limit, and the exact same freaking price I could get it on Amazon anyway, which I told the guy.

These employees weren’t nearly as nice. He started giving me a big speech about the cost on overhead, yada, yada, yada. What the f*ck ever! I just ran my ass all over town with two small children. And at least with Amazon, I get points back because I have an Amazon credit card.

I was so upset. And for the record, when I checked after I got home, it did say $59.99, which means the f*ckers raised their price for the sale!!! Borders is EVIL! I must be PMSing.

Anyway, when I grudgingly put the DVD back on the shelf, my sweet little boy said, “I thought we were buying you that for a Christmas present, mama.” I said, “Oh honey, mommy doesn’t need it. It’s too expensive.” His response was, “That’s okay, mama. You can get it anyway.” I gave him a kiss and told him I didn’t need it that badly. He said, “Well, then we’ll go look for it someplace else where it’s not spensive!” My sweet boy! He is going to grow up to be such a wonderful man!! I bought him his hot chocolate, and myself an Irish Cream white chocolate mocha (not bad), and we went home.

I think I’m done braving the stores this holiday season. My birthday is right around the corner. (February 22 for anyone who wants to write it on their calendars), and Prison Break is high on my list of birthday wishes!!

Now, with all that talk of Prison Break, I feel the urge to post a photo of Wentworth Miller, which I shamelessly stole from Wet for Went. I love that damn site, even though my husband teases me mercilessly!


Thyrie Kourouma said...


She deserves that and more.

Mommy 911 said...

I cant believe you didnt just buy the damn thing?????? you drove all over town. crazy girl.....if eric does not get it for you Im getting it for your birthday. :)


Morgen said...

If Eric doesn't get you this for Christmas, we are gonna do a Neila's Wet For Went Fundraiser online and get you that boxed set, DAMNIT!

ps. You SO deserved to splurge the extra six bucks and get if for yourself anyway!

pps. never having seen the show: is he wearing a shirt that looks like tattoos, or is his character supposed to be tattooed? And my inquiring mind wants to know -- how do they do all that body art on him for the show?
love ya,

Wet For Went said...

It's not stealing if you link me LOL and thanks for reading. I'll let you field the tat question. Later Mommy!

Irene said...

If only I could, I'd send you my Prison Break DVDs right now, dahling!

That photo of Wentworth just made my day! Woohoo! ;p

csmc said...

I totally understand not getting it! For me it would be the principle... but living on a budget is a valuable skill to have too. Applause for you. :)

I hate that stuff - those stores are always doing that to people. I wonder if it's because the place is so big? It's hard to keep track of everything?

Sadie said...

You son is so sweet.

And thank you for that picture.

And I'm wondering about Morgen's question. I never thought about him having to sit through makeup for that on so many episodes. I guess that's why they cover him with shirts most of the time.

Neila said...

Wow! What wonderful blog buddies I have!!! I know - most normal people would have bought the DVD anyway, but csmc is right. It's the principle of the matter. I just couldn't do it. I would rather buy it through Amazon than I would from evil Borders.

And I should defend my husband, too. (Mainly because he thinks he came across as the bad guy in this situation.) He is one of those people who do their Christmas shopping months in advance, which is annoying in itself. Anyway, by the time I said I wanted Prison Break, he had been done shopping for weeks. He assures me I am getting good stuff, just no Prison Break.

And about the tats, oh those sexy tats. . . mmmmm . . . Oh. sorry. Anyway, Went has them applied once for each episode (about once a week). They're a series of decals, and it takes about 4 hours for them to apply. They try to do all the shots in one day in which they need the tattoos, so he can scrub them off at the end of the day. If you've never seen the show, the tats are a very KEY plotpoint!

Okay, that's enough of a blog within a blog.

Love to you all!

matthew said...

I have to say that I'm a big fan of his brother. You really should have bought it for yourself. You deserve it, I'm sure.

Hulai said...

wow i cant believe that they did that! youre right they are the devil!

SQT said...

I would probably have left it at Borders too. Those a**holes!

That's the thing that sucks about big retail outlets, they don't really care about customer service.

I looked on to see if they had any Prison Break used at a reasonable price, but with shipping it would still be about the same. Ebay had some auctions going, but they would've also been in the $30's. I haven't checked craigslist yet, that might be a good one to keep an eye on. Maybe look in your area, or post an ad saying you want it and what you'll pay for it. It's worth a shot I suppose.

Good luck.

crazymumma said...

is Michael perspiring because he loves me so much or HAS been loving me so much? Egads neila, you are evil for posting that photo. He is so fine.
You deserve that boxed set. If you buy it I will fly out to see you and we can recline on your passion pillows and sigh over Michael......