Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Christmas Miracle

Do I really need to say more?

Probably not, but I will anyway. After reading my blog last week, my mother-in-law, who is one of those people that finish their Christmas shopping in July, went and bought me Prison Break. She gave it to me last and wrapped it and put it in two gift bags. I was shocked when I opened it. It is almost sad how incredibly happy I was. I felt I was 8 years old opening my Red Ryder BB gun.

I have already watched two episodes (one with commentary), and hopefully I can squeeze in one more before bed. There are 22 total, so I have a long way to go. I am really trying to get my husband into it this time around, but he just pops up in the family room occasionally throwing out little snarks about implausibility, then goes back to his room to watch Arrested Development, Season 3, which I got him for Christmas. The killjoy.

Aside from my wonderful Christmas (and I’ll tell you more about the whole Christmas trip and the tour of the state later), the children highly enjoyed their Christmas, as well.

Here is Georgia enjoying a couple of her favorite toys.

Hammer Away – yes that’s a Discovery Toy, not a Passion Toy – was a big hit, and so was the Circle Time doll which you get a brief glimpse of here.

I would post some more pictures of Georgia, but she decided early on that she needed to take off all of her clothes and unwrap her Christmas gifts while naked. I got some really cute pictures, but since my blog is already considered pornographic by the Johnson County Library, I’ll refrain from posting them.

Everything worked out perfectly, though, because Eli’s favorite gift was bath crayons.

Immediately after opening gifts, Eli wanted to take a bath, so he stripped down as well, and he and Georgia had lots of fun coloring the bathroom walls.

Christmas is now drawing to a close, and I am completely exhausted. I would blog more, but after a long day of putting cars together, reading new children’s books, doing puzzles, constructing Play-Doh towers and setting up an air hockey table, I want nothing more than to take a nice hot bubble bath and settle down in front of the TV to watch some more Wentworth Miller.

I hope all of my wonderful friends in the blogosphere had a very Merry Christmas!!! Ho Ho Ho!!!


Morgen said...

Yay! I'm only slightly bummed that we don't get to hold a New Year's Eve Neilathon to raise money for your DVDs!
I love it that bath crayons were the hit -- isn't it funny how we latch onto things.
Get some rest, and eat some cookies!

Julie said...

Whoever created bath crayons is a GENIUS!!! So glad you banked with the PB DVDs. I got Mike Simpsons Season 9 and Drawn Together Season 1. Nothing says love like the gift of a full season's worth of television. *sigh*

SQT said...

Oh Ya! I'm so happy you got your Prison Break. Now you're in Wentworth Miller heaven, and don't we all wish we were there too?

How nice that you have a good mom-in-law. They should all be like that. (Mine's pretty great, so no complaints here)

Sparky Duck said...

way to go Mom in law!!

matthew said...

I'm so happy for you. Have you burned your eyes out yet, watching episode after episode?

maggie said...

What cute pictures! We use to love bath crayons too. Stopped buying them when I would get in the shower to find out someone wrote on the wall ...MOM IS A DORK.

crazymumma said...

I am catching a plane and we are hunkering down for a marathon watching of Prison Break....but he is mine woman....back away. back. away. (do you think your M in Law thinks it is good for your sex life I wonder....). ew. won't go there on your behalf.