Thursday, December 28, 2006

13 Things Said Over Christmas Weekend

1. I didn’t know you could get clothes for Christmas! Eli’s very perplexed response when opening gifts at my parents’ house.

2. BLACK CAR! Eli’s new game is to shout out “BLACK CAR!” every time he sees a black car . . . or dark blue . . . or green for that matter. He now has Georgia screaming it, too. It’s nice to see them working together to raise my blood pressure.

3. DORA! I don’t know what it is, but my 18-month-old daughter can spot any picture of Dora from a mile away. We walked into Wal-Mart on Christmas eve, and she spotted a Dora coloring book and just about leapt out of the freaking shopping cart. “DODA! DODA!” WTF? I just don’t get it.

4. I am sooooo getting you back! This is what I told my sister-in-law after Eli opened his gift from her – a 48-piece tool set. My niece's birthday is in March. That gives me time to find an appropriate gift to give in return.

5. This is the best Christmas ever! (upon opening Prison Break) I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying my Wentworth Miller Prison Break marathon!!

6. Eric was afraid I would buy everybody a vibrator. Yes, this is what I told everyone who was surprised they didn’t get any Passion Parties stuff for Christmas.

7. Where’s my calendar? Every year, we get our parents a calendar from Shutterfly with the children’s pictures on them. This year, the godblessed calendars didn’t come before we left town. Oh sweet googly moogly, our parents were not happy when they didn't get their calendars. Lesson: Don't screw with grandparents when it comes to pictures of their grandchildren.

8. Can we get out and pet the cows? I mentioned previously that we pass a gazillion and one cows when traveling through Kansas. Some of them are surprisingly close to the road. At one point, Eli wanted to get out and make friends.

9. I am not watching It’s A Wonderful Life again. It’s A Wonderful Life is not Eric’s favorite movie. But I about choked when he turned it off to watch A Christmas Story. Again!

10. No Georgia! That’s MINE! I have heard Eli say this so many times over the last few days that his voice is starting to give me cramps.

11. I have bath germs! Eli has uttered this phrase about every half hour since opening his bath crayons. He is trying to convince me he has millions of germs, so I’ll let him take three baths a day. At least the child is clean.

12. Don’t you people have any chocolate in the house? I said to my diabetic mother. Next time I travel while PMSing, I’m bringing my own stash of Hershey’s Kisses.

13. Is she naked again? Over the last week, my daughter has developed a sudden fondness for being naked. She opened her Christmas presents naked, and now just likes to strip her clothes off and roam around the house. I can't keep pants on her now matter how hard I try. This does not bode well for the teenage years . . .

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maggie said...

LOL. Great TT. I like the PMS one. Oh how true. If I could I would so stick to I will not pms this coming

Hulai said...

i love it! bath germs!

Anonymous said...

Bath germs and petting cows! Funny! I don't think I actually uttered the words "best Christmas ever" but mine was pretty great too. I got an awesome digital camera from my hubby and of course it was Charlie's first Christmas so it was a wonderful one! It sounds like yours was pretty wonderful too!

Morgen said...

Chocolate, opening presents naked, and bath germs!
What a great TT!

I especially love the line "I didn't know you could get clothes for Christmas!" Ha! A classic!

My first TT at
It’s A Blog Eat Blog World
is up -- I figure, why fight a good thing? I'll still be doing one on the kitty site, too (yes, always a glutton for punishment, that's me) but I decided I wanted a TT about ME. So, this week, it's 13 of my own favorite posts from 2006. Enjoy!

Chocolate for all!

Blonde Chick said...

Great post!

Love your blog, by the way. I'll definitely be back!

Andrea said...

number 13 makes me laugh so hard.

Happy New Year!


Happy TT

mine are up too.

Chickadee said...

LOL!!! I didn't like receiving clothes as a kid either for Xmas, though now I don't mind it as much. I also laughed at Eli telling you she has bath germs so she can take a bath and play with her crayons. :)

My 13 are up. I Moved my blog so this is my first 13 at my new digs.

amy said...

Sounds like you had a good week..cant wait to read more of your blog.thanks and mine is up as well just not as entertaining

Sparky Duck said...

yep, your weekend was certainly more enternatianing then mine, at least quip wise

Caylynn said...

Great list! Thanks for the laughs. Especially #6 and 13. Good luck finding an appropriate gift for your niece. ;)

alisonwonderland said...

excellent list! thanks for the smiles! happy TT!

Starrlight said...

Great list! My kidlet had a naked phase too. That was fun :p

Tink said...

That's a great list, very funny too. :-)
All the best to you and yours for the new year!

Amy said...

Hee hee hee! #2 & #3

My daughter is also at the stage where whenever she sees a car on the road, she calls out, "Car!" Unfortunately, she feels she needs to do it individually for each and every car we pass.

My husband's latest hobby is trying to teach her about plurals.

s@m said...

LMAO @ 13!!! Oh, I am waiting for that stage!

Happy TT!

Jenny Ryan said...

#13 made me laugh out loud! :D

dawn said...

I loved #12 - and I have brought chocolate in some cases.

Happy TT

scribbit said...

Strip her clothes off? Hmmm . . . sounds like Christmas was a bit more exciting than at my house!

Kahnee said...

hahahahaaaaa! Funny, funny

Bubba said...

I always find something to make me laugh on your blog. It's been a LONG time since I've heard "Oh sweet googly moogly"...and it makes me giggle like a girl every time I read or hear it!

As far as the daughter running around naked...she'll grow out of that. What worried me was my ex's niece...a very cute blond-haired, blue-eyed girl. At 3 years old, we were in a restaurant, when she gets up from her seat, walks over to a table of construction workers, lifts her skirt and says "hi guys!" She'll be 12 in April...and gets mortally embarrassed now when we remind her of that story.

Happy TT...and Happy New Year!

Skittles said...

Tool set? I almost gave my 4 year old grandson a drum set lol. But I really do enjoy talking to my daughter, so I didn't :)

Turn off word verification (wink)

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh! first time here and love it! thanks for sharing your little ones. i like cows too btw! bee

Sadie said...

Drum set. Get your niece a drum set.