Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Never Again

I reached a whole new level of public humiliation today. I took my daughter to Aldi.

Do you remember that scene in Norma Rae when the cops are trying to get Sally Field into the police car?

That was me trying to get Georgia into a shopping cart, with one notable difference. My daughter screams a hell of a lot louder than Sally Field, and definitely attracted more attention.

I was in for a real treat because it was a two-part tantrum. She not only embarrassed me at the store, but when I took her out of her car seat at home, she sat her little butt down in the driveway and refused to come in the house. Imagine me yelling and Georgia screaming. This prompted my neighbor across the street to come outside and ask, “Is everyone okay over there?” Great.

I told Eric that I was never taking his daughter to the store again. Ever. . . Okay, maybe when she’s like 18, but not a moment sooner.

1 comment:

LadyBugCrossing said...

Be strong. You CANNOT let her win... ever.
As for the neighbors - ignore them.