Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Give yourself a boost with Cranenergy!

If you have read my blog in the past, you know that it is an understatement to say I’m addicted to coffee. With two small children, I feel like I am constantly sucking down the caffeine trying to keep going. In fact, if I had an IV drip of coffee that I could just push around, it would be extremely helpful.

I have really been trying to cut back on the coffee, and I have been searching for a way to keep my energy up. I was thrilled when I discovered that Ocean Spray introduced a new Cranenergy drink! I received a couple of samples in the mail last week, and as soon as they were gone, I quickly went out and bought some more.

Cranenergy comes in Cranberry Lift and Raspberry Cranberry Lift, which is my favorite. I have always been a fan of Ocean Spray juices for my kids, and now here is one that I can really enjoy. I just grab a bottle of this delicious juice in the morning. Half the time, that is my whole breakfast! Cranenergy tastes great and manages to give me a natural energy boost! How many things can you find that do that?!

Cranenergy starts with Ocean Spray’s delicious cranberry juice and then blends in natural energizers to give you a lift anytime of the day. First, green tea extract is blended with the cranberry juice – both of which have high levels of antioxidants that help the body fight free radicals and stay healthy. Plus, green tea extract offers a natural source of caffeine! Cranenergy also contains B-vitamins to support healthy energy production, and vitamin C to help boost your immune system.

And here’s the best part – Cranenergy is only 35 calories per 8 ounce serving – it’s not packed with calories like so many juices out there today!

To learn more about Ocean Spray’s new Cranenergy drink, visit Ocean Spray’s Web site. And look for Cranenergy in your grocery today. Do it! Get off the coffee and pick up a delicious, healthy energy boost!


Mo said...

I like it that it doesn't have artificial sweeteners in it, like aspartame.
The taste is a bit jarring, in a cranberry-ee way to me, but when it's really cold (I put mine in the freezer for a bit) it's really refreshing.

karenfae said...

I was doing a search on this product and your blog was #3 in my search, good review I think I will try it :) and then I got started reading some of your blog -- nice writting! Karen in Arkansas