Friday, May 02, 2008

Forbidden Shores

Last night, Eric and I took the kids for their weekly library visit, and we all picked up a little something. I picked up the latest Mary Higgins Clark book, Eric got something by James Patterson, Eli chose a SpongeBob book and a Buzz Lightyear DVD, and Georgia . . .

Well, Georgia went off to look at books with daddy while Eli and I were in the DVD section. Eric went over to look at the shelf of new books to see if there was anything he wanted, and Georgia found a book for herself. Now, I should point out that Georgia loves books – any books. She is always snatching the book I’m reading and she’ll sit there and flip through it page by page. So when she picked up a book off the new book shelf and proclaimed it “MY BOOK!” it wasn’t that big of a surprise. At least until I saw what it was.

That’s right! We told my 2-year-old to choose a book she wanted, and she picked up Forbidden Shores. It is described as VERY steamy.

Eric was extremely amused. I said, “There’s no way we’re checking that out.” He said, “I’d like to see you try to get it away from her.”

We tried. Oh believe me, we tried. Eric was holding the book and tried to subtly slip it back on the shelf on our way up to the check out counter, only to have Georgia scream, “Noooooo! That’s MY book!” and grabbed it. Oh jeez.

So yes, we checked out Forbidden Shores for Georgia. And she loves it. She carried it to bed with her last night, “read” it this morning while sitting on the potty *see photo below* and took it in the car when we took Eli to preschool.

*sigh* I’ve decided to find it funny. I just hope none of the other preschool moms notice that my daughter is enjoying adult erotica.


Mo said...

Ah, nothin' like reading some good porn while your nekkid on your Dora potty!
That's how I'm spending my evening, too...

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

This is COMPLETELY hilarious! And sitting on the potty reading the porn is even more funny! hehe