Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday 13 – The world according to the blogosphere

Today’s Thursday 13 is a slight break from my life. And I felt link happy! I could write a long detailed blog about attempting to organize my children’s toys. It’s very difficult when I want to chuck half of them, and Eli is begging me not to throw away things like an action figure he got in a Happy Meal sometime last year that has one arm missing. I may delve into that more in tomorrow’s blog.

Today, however, is Thursday, so I thought I would share what some of my favorite people are up to in the blogosphere. These are all blogs I visit regularly and they’re all great. Give them a visit when you have time!

1. Surrender Dorothy – She owns her own business, raises her own children, and entertains us with a good dose of sarcasm. This week alone, she dealt with her client, Large Corporate Tax Prep; her daughter, who refuses to sleep as does mine (Maybe it’s a girl thing); and is finding it very difficult to multi-task in the Emerald City.

2. Petite Anglaise – Petite is an English woman living in France. She recently lost her job (or was “dooced”) for referring to her job in her blog. I think she was screwed. She’s a single mom raising a little girl, and I hope she gives those bastards who she used to work for the shaft. She’s currently suing them, and every mom in the known universe is in her corner.

3. Daring Young Mom – She recently left behind the Blogger interface for her own blog design – how daring! In addition to blogging each week for the Parenting Post, Kathryn is dealing with her daughter’s obsession with every red car on the road. They’re Lite-Meen the Queen Cars!

4. Dooce – The one and only. Heather Armstrong is a former Mormon living in Utah with her family. That alone is plenty of fodder for a great blog. Added to that, she was fired a couple of years ago because of her blog, and coined the term “dooce.” Anyone who can make up a word and have it added to the dictionary is cooler than cool! I also find it quite impressive that she had 40 pounds of hair as a teenager.

5. EDog’s Everything Page – A Dad blog! Ian is from Denver and provides great observations while working on his 100-day novel! He also shares a song each day along with his “mood.” He is quickly climbing the popularity ladder over at Technorati. I hope to be fast on his heels!

6. More Cowbell – Justin is currently saving the world one blog at a time! He’s a med student at Ohio State University, and writes great blogs about anything and everything. Just this week he analyzed the ins and outs of several brands of Vodka – the way water was meant to be!

7. Fussy – Anyone who can end a blog with the phrase, “F*ck you, clown” is on my short list of fun people!

8. Days To Come – Jeana’s blog (Home of the Jeana Likes Me Awards) is where I originally got the idea for the Thursday 13! She’s raising children, cats and a husband, like myself. This week, Jeana and her family are enjoying their new game table!

9. My Dog Harriet – Meghan is famous! For anyone who watches HGTV, you may have recently seen her on an episode of House Hunters! I also enjoyed her scathing review this week of The Hills Have Eyes. Like me, she has metamorphisized from fun young woman to a 30-something mom driving a family vehicle. Sounds like she too was visited by the soccer mom fairy!

10. DaMomma – Elizabeth also blogs each week for the Parenting Post. She is formerly a “latte-slinging, cell phone-talking Washington political junkie.” But this week, she is dealing with her daughter’s natural ability of throwing darts, and enjoying her new toy – a digital photo frame. And I mean really enjoying it!

11. Finslippy – Alice’s last blog consisted of the “correspondence” between herself and her daughter’s pink eye. She is very witty and creative, as well as a proud supporter of the word “whore.”

12. Tiny Cat Pants – Her last blog detailed how her pants literally fell off of her in her front yard because they were too big. With her arms full of groceries, she just stepped right out of them and kept going. Now that is how you roll with the punches!

13. And then there’s me. You all know what I’ve been up to. I continue to try desperately each night to get a decent amount of sleep, which is difficult between a lovely baby with a loud scream, a cat who likes to use me as a launching pad at 2 a.m., and a husband who wants to get romantic when I just want to sleep. It has definitely been a full week. This weekend, we will be attending another wedding, at which I will try desperately not to use the word “whore.” At least not where anyone can hear me.


Jeana said...

That's quite an eclectic mix! I'll have to check some of these out.

ian said...

Yes, not using the word "whore" at a wedding is a very good goal.

"So, have you met the Maid of Honor?"

"*coughwhorecough* Uh, no. No I haven't."


Justin said...

Thanks for the mix! I am enjoying checking out some of the other blogs here.

dorothy said...

Hey, thanks for the link!