Thursday, August 03, 2006

Mid-week adventures

How is it that a 13-month old can be more technology savvy than two adults. Georgia got a hold of the television remote yesterday. Within 30 seconds, there was Spanish closed caption scrolling across the bottom of our screen.

Eric's attempt to fix the problem was to keep changing the channel. Apparently, he didn't enjoy Jay Leno with Spanish subtitles, but he didn't mind an old Seinfeld rerun. Hasta luego, Jerry! It's amazing how fascinated we become with little things. I don't know about you, but when I go into the electronics section an Best Buy, and see all the TVs with the closed caption, I stop to read. Yes, I can hear the sound coming out of the TV, but I will sit there enthralled for a few minutes and just read the scroll. Imagine how captivated I was with Spanish closed caption. It was really fun to turn on the Spanish channel and see if the closed caption matched up with what they were saying.

But I digress. I sat down with the remote for 30 minutes before I figured out the combination of things I needed to press to get rid of the closed captions. Remember, it took Georgia only 30 seconds to turn them on. I was just happy to see the subtitles disappear.

That was only one of the many adventures that happened yesterday. Do you all remember how I blogged last week about locking myself and the children out of the house? Well, I did it again. I almost didn't mention it because what kind of a whackadoo locks themselves out of the house twice in one week. I do. I won't go into all the sordid details, because it started out about the same as last time. Except this time, I wasn't lucky enough to have left a door unlocked so we could get back in. And just for the record, you cannot pick a lock with a nail file like they do on TV because I tried that for about 15 minutes.

I had to resort to calling Eric to come home and let us in. His words of comfort, "At least it's only 94 today instead of 100 like yesterday. Uh-huh. Not that helpful.

I couldn't stay in the front yard with the children for the 30 minutes it took Eric to get home from work because Georgia wouldn't let me hold her the entire time, and every time I put her down, she made a beeline for the street. So, I lifted the kids over the fence into the backyard before scaling the fence myself. I quickly realized that was a very stupid place to put a rose bush because my legs quickly became bloodied from the thorns. Then to make things worse, I ripped my shorts on the top of the fence when I was climbing over. I am not nearly as agile as I used to be. I know it has been a long time, but I remember climbing fences being much easier when I was a kid.

The children were no worse for wear. Eli just played in his sandbox, and I entertained Georgia with some bubbles that I had luckily left out on the deck. Eric finally got home and let us in. He spotted my ripped clothes and bloody legs, and just said, "Hard day?" to which I uttered an expletive. I am going to have to think of a Plan B because it's just a matter of time until I do this again.

After we regrouped, Eric went back to work, and the kids and I finally made it to the grocery store. When Eric asked me later how the rest of my day was, I said, "Oh, the usual. We went to the store, and Georgia dumped blue slushy in the middle of aisle 3, and when we got to the checkout, I realized Eli had picked up sprinkles, Starburst, gum and ice cream bars." Eric's response? "What kind of ice cream bars?"

Today, we're planning a quiet day at home. We have friends coming over for a play group this morning. In theory, it should be a relatively calm day.

Did anyone else hear that evil laughter in the background?

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