Monday, August 21, 2006

My New Look

This is what happens when I have some free time. I start screwing with my blog template. I was updating my Links and My Profile, and then I just went crazy. I felt like I needed something just a smidge more feminine. It’s faaaar from perfect, but I’m just not quite ready to shell out $75 to pay someone to make me a template, so I will see how this one works for a little while. Comments are welcome!

I’m posting on Sunday night because I had to get that Exorcist picture off the blog. It was creeping me out every time I went to my page. Yeesh!

We had lots of fun this weekend with the kids. I took Eli to his friend Jack’s birthday party this weekend at Bump City – a gymnasium with all kinds of equipment for climbing, jumping, falling, and injuries. Anything requiring me to sign a release form makes me extremely nervous.

Eli had a good time, and I only had a minor stroke when he kept scaling the rock wall, which was at least a good 20 feet, over and over again. On one hand, I was extremely impressed. On the other hand, I wished he weren’t so daring. The least the Bump City people could have done was provide mothers with a paper bag to breathe into while their children are leaping tall buildings with a single bound.

My only issue with Bump City was their choice of background music. I am quite familiar with a number of children’s musicians. Bump City didn’t play any music at the gym until about the last 10 minutes. Then instead of turning on fun children’s music, they played Crash by The Dave Matthews Band. I think I’m fairly open-minded, but is that really appropriate music to play at a party for 4 and 5-year-olds?! In case you are not familiar with the lyrics, you can find them here. There’s a line that says, “Hike up your skirt a little more and show your world to me.” You get the idea!

I turned to the woman next to me and voiced my thoughts on their music choice. She just looked at me like I was growing another head out of my left shoulder. Then she shrugged and turned away. I realize I tend to overreact, but am I being crazy?

After the party was over, Eli and I made a trip to the library, which we do a couple of times a week. It was nice to be able to go with just him since Georgia’s need to express herself with public screaming is on the rise.

Eli is getting great with his letters, and he loves to spell everything. He went to drop off his Caillou DVD, and saw the two slots – one labeled “BOOKS” and one labeled “AUDIOVISUALS.” He patiently spelled B-O-O-K-S, and shouted, “Books!” Then he slowly spelled out A-U-D-I-O-V-I-S-U-A-L-S, and screamed, “I just spelled DVDs!” I love my son! He was so proud of himself, and I told him that he was right. Audiovisuals is a very long word for DVDs.

The spelling marathon continued as he chose his DVDs. He picked up Thomas the Train, and The Wiggles Live. He spelled out Wiggles, and then started backward, and spelled E-V-I-L. “What does that spell, mommy?”

I started laughing so hard that people turned to look at me. I found the thought of The Wiggles Evil very amusing! I told him he just spelled evil, but if he spells it the other way, it spells live. He seemed confused, but satisfied with that answer, so we checked out and went home with our DVDs. Eric and I have been talking about those evil Wiggles for the last two days!


ian said...

The Wiggles ARE evil, you know.

That song "Fruit Salad" is particularly viral in its influence.

Thanks for the linkage, btw! I almost missed it. I have since returned the favor. And I like the new template. :)


Neila said...

Ohmygosh, Ian! You are obviously not familiar with Anthony, the hot Wiggle. (

He is what keeps us moms going!

Mary Patterson said...

I was at the "children's dentist" the other day in the waiting room and they had a video in with people getting shot, cussing, drinking. I went to the receptionist and voiced my concern, and she changed it to Wizard of Oz. At least tornadoes are a natural phenomenon. My daughter is going to that same place in a week, I won't hesitate to tell the management what I think of their music!!

ian said...

I guess I just have a different perspective on the hotness levels of the various Wiggles.