Friday, March 07, 2008


Yippee skippy, it’s Friday! I’m wondering if my week could get any weirder. My freelance business is really picking up, so I have been busy. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to write SEO content while trying to entertain two children at the same time.

Georgia has spent the days spinning around in circles as fast as she can. She stops every once in awhile and screams “WHOA!” and then starts again. Then she stops again and screams, “STOP MAKING MUSIC!” Dude, sometimes I wonder exactly what beat she is bopping to. I’m not quite sure I get it, but she really seems to be enjoying herself.

Eli comes up to me and just says things out of the blue like, “Mama! Do you want to see the blood in my eyes?” and then makes a weird face.

Not to be outdone, Georgia decided to celebrate today with explosive diarrhea. Okay, she desperately needs to learn to use the potty. After three blowouts today, and lots of cornstarch and diaper rash cream, the poor girl was screaming in pain from her flaming bottom. Tomorrow, I may just let her run around without pants. Luckily, I just got a new bottle of carpet stain remover. So I think I’m ready.


onangelwings said...

I hope that the explosive diapers end for both your sake.

My daughter has taken to spinning and showing her eyes too? What gives?

Mo said...

Dude - explosive poo and no pampers? Are you nucking futs???