Thursday, March 06, 2008

13 Thursday Thirteens I Almost Wrote Today

I didn’t have time this week to sit down and compile a list of 13 anything, but I had a lot of ideas about TT’s that I could write. So here is a list of 13 Thursday Thirteens that I didn’t write today, but that may be coming at some point in the future when I have slightly more energy.

1. 13 reasons I want to run away from home (Did I mention that it was a bad day?)

2. 13 reasons why I’m completely exhausted

3. 13 places where Georgia has thrown a tantrum

4. 13 things the kids picked up at the grocery store when I wasn’t looking

5. 13 books I wish I had time to read

6. 13 songs I put on Eli’s new mix CD

7. 13 things I said that made Eli scowl at me

8. 13 toys Eli has taken for show and tell

9. 13 expletives I uttered when I found out I had to pay $500 for Georgia’s preschool enrollment

10. 13 reasons I need Supernanny to come to my house

11. 13 things I say to my kids that make me sound like my mother

12. 13 things I’m doing when I want to be sleeping

13. 13 things the kids are doing when I want them to be sleeping


Lazy Daisy said...

Loved your list of potential list. Sorry you had a bad day but it certainly didn't dampen your sense of humor.

Crazy Working Mom said...

Good God I could think of a million reasons why I need Supernanny. Do you think she'd come without the cameras?! *LOL*

Hope tomorrow's better for you.

Gray Matters said...

So funny - looks like you're set for the next 13 weeks!

forgetfulone said...

Your T13 was great! Can I borrow Supernanny? Looks like when you're less exhausted, you have a store of topics to use.

DrillerAA said...

Something tells me that the list from the grocery store might exceed 13.

Have a great T13.

Sonny said...

This was a nice list! So you won't be in need for themes for TT ;-)

Happy Thursday, please visit my TT: Spring has sprung over at my blog.

&hearts Sonny

Toni said...

Great list. Can't wait to see them expanded in future TTs.

Hope you have a better day.


Sanni said...

The 13 places where Luis has thrown a tantrum lately came up to my mind this week... but I had difficulties to choose 13/473!!!

Hope the rest of your day will be lots better, girlfriend!

Happy TT!

Mo said...

When I read #9 at first I thought it was about the $500 fine you were having to pay for Georgia repeating your expletives at preschool!

Niki said...

Loved your 13! I'll have to borrow that idea one week when I am idea-less.

Your blog header is cute!

Thea said...

Now I know where to come when I need TT ideas!

Natalie Dickey said...

i'm with the mom that said she wants super nanny to come without the cameras! great list and some good ideas! Happy TT!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Love your list - I never would've thought to list 13 ideas that I hadn't written about! :)