Sunday, March 09, 2008

Giftventure Special!

Personally, I get tired of giving my children gifts only to have them ripped open in two seconds. Isn’t the whole savoring of anticipation thing supposed to be the best part? Anyway, I wanted to do something that was more special, and I have something new for everyone to try out.

The kind folks at Mom Central hooked me up with Giftventure. Giftventure is a way to make gift giving more special, and make it last longer so the gift-giving process lasts longer.

Giftventure is a personalized treasure hunt for your child! At, you choose the Giftventure package you are most interested in. We chose The Treasure Map Adventure. First, you hide a gift around your house, such as in the back of your closet or your nightstand – someplace your child won’t find it until the right time. Then, you enter a few personal details into the site.

Giftventure prints out and mails to your child a series of personalized letters and puzzles that, when solved, lead to the location you typed into the Web site. Your child receives the personalized letters from a fictional character – we chose Percy the Pirate – and each letter and puzzle is personalized with the details you entered. Over the course of the week, your child will receive three letters and has to piece together the clues. The final letter will direct your child to the secret hiding place of the gift.

Eli absolutely loved this. He’s only 5, so I had to help him with reading the clues, but he thought it was the coolest thing ever, and he filled out the treasure map all by himself. When he finally found his gift (Toy Story 2 DVD), I don’t think he was as excited by that as he was with the whole Treasure Hunt adventure. He keeps asking when Pirate Percy is going to send him another letter.

Giftventure is perfect for Easter, Christmas, birthdays, or any holiday or occasion you want. We did our little treasure hunt just for fun, and it was a special treat for the kids, who had a great time figuring out the clues!

Now, here is the special! For Easter, Giftventure is offering 10% off the list price (19.95) to all my blog readers – that’s you!! All you have to do is visit their Web site and enter promo code momcentral when placing your order. If you sign up by March 14, you will also get reduced shipping!

Visit Giftventure today to learn more about the different packages they have to choose from for kids of all ages!

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