Thursday, March 06, 2008

Go Green With Green Works

As a mom, I have been extremely concerned since my children were born on how household chemicals are affecting them. Children can get extremely sick from the cleaners you use around the house even if you are very careful.

I can spray my countertops down with 409 and wipe them off well, and two seconds later my kids are climbing up on the counter looking for a snack. I desperately wanted to find a cleaners that were not harmful and non-toxic. I tried a few different ones, but the problem I always ran into was that the “green” cleaners I tried weren’t effective. Until now!

Clorox just introduced a new line of products called Green Works. Green Works is a full line of natural cleaning products, and includes everything from glass cleaner and all-purpose cleaner to toilet bowl cleaners. Green Works cleaners are made from plant-based ingredients, so they are natural cleaners, and they smell wonderful!!

Mom Central together with Clorox sent us bottles of the glass cleaner and the all-purpose cleaner to try out. The glass cleaner has a nice clean citrusy smell, and the all-purpose cleaner smells like lime! This is a nice change from having to open the windows in my bathroom every time I clean because the toxic fumes are about to make me pass out!

But the big question is – How well does Green Works work?

It works wonderfully! I am not kidding. I LOVE these products, and I’m not just saying that because they sent me samples for free. First, I tried the all-purpose cleaner on the kitchen counter. It got off marker! And something red and sticky that I never figured out what it was. And the coffee stain on my stove. Then, I used it to clean up cat spit-up from the hardwood floor. That’s right, if a cleaner says all-purpose, it better mean all-purpose! It worked great on the floor. Next, my husband used it to clean the inside of his car. It worked great for that, too!

Next up was the glass cleaner. I am picky about glass cleaners because many of them are streaky. I took this bottle and went around the house. I cleaned the bathroom mirrors, the TV screens, the computer screens, the doors on the entertainment center, the doors on the fireplace, the top of the coffee table and the front door. Then I got tired. But guess what? No streaks. And no rubbing and rubbing and rubbing. I was amazed at how well it worked. Dare I say, the Green Works glass cleaner worked better than Windex! And the citrusy smells of the cleaners are awesome!

Like I said, I am constantly worried about the chemicals my children are exposed to. Green Works helps to take a load off my mind, and does a great job at cleaning my house! Visit Green Works’ official Web site to read more about this new line of natural cleaners, and look for them at a store near you. You will love Green Works because it is environmentally friendly, kid safe and effective.

Go green, people!!

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