Monday, June 11, 2007

Manic Monday – Friend

This week’s Manic Monday word is Friend. I hope everyone will check out the Manic Monday HQ at It's A Blog Eat Blog World! I am so proud to call Morgen my Friend! He is the best friend I have met through blogging, and he is the sweetest man is the blogosphere! I love you, Mo!

This was such a hard one for me because it was difficult to narrow down what I wanted to talk about. That reminded me of how blessed I am because I have so many friends that I love so much. I thought I could talk about my wonderful blog friends, or I could blog about my four best girlfriends, but Friday, I decided on the perfect story.

I decided to post a funny story that happened to my best friend Stacey.

If you all think funny things happen to me, I wish Stacey had time to keep a blog of her own. She’s a federal probation officer, she has a dysfunctional family, and she’s nine months pregnant. Every phone call I get from her is like a stand-up comedy routine. She’s a freaking riot!

Stacey and I have been best friends since we were 14 years old. What is that? 21 years? (!!!!) Even though I know her inside and out, she still manages to keep me on my toes. As I said, Stacey is nine months pregnant. Seriously. They are inducing her one week from today. She is having a boy, and they are naming him Andrew (Drew).

Stacey is the most structured, organized person you have ever met. And I say this lovingly. Since she works for the fed, you can imagine that she has everything in order. And yes, she is still working. I can imagine she’s scaring the hell out of those prisoners coming at them all swollen feet and hormones raging, but I digress.

Anyway, Stacey has been ready for this baby for over a month. Since she saw me give birth to Eli 6 weeks early, she learned to be prepared way in advance, so she is ready and waiting. On Friday, she was sitting in court, and decided to go ahead and compose an email in advance on her Blackberry letting everyone know that the baby had arrived. She was going to save it, and then after he was born, she could hit send right there in the hospital room immediately after he was born.

Well, you can see where this is going. Her perfectly composed email entitled “Baby Drew Has Arrived” went out when she hit Send instead of Save. I only wish I could have been there because I know that “OH F*CK!” look on her face, and it’s funny. What’s even more funny is that it went out to everyone her husband works with, including his supervisor, her entire family, her husband’s entire family. You can imagine that everyone started calling her immediately because they were completely flipping out.

By the time I checked my email, I saw her second email first, which said, “Please DISREGARD my first email that I MISTAKENLY sent out!” HA! I just called her and said, “Problems, Stacey?” To which I got, “Oh, shut the f*ck up! I was just trying to be proactive.” Then I think she called me a "Hooker." Apparently, she had already received a lecture from her husband about the limits of proactivity.

Oh, I love my friends. And I love that they’re just as neurotic as I am. I don’t know what I would do without them!


ian said...

*snicker* Thanks for sharing, Neila!


tegdirb92 said...

Awesome post--It's so great to have good friends in our lives. Hope she has a smooth delivery! Happy MM.

Gattina said...

He, he, that's a funny story ! Being too organized can sometimes cause troubles !

Crazy Working Mom said...

Oh my! I am shocked that it didn't send her into labor realizing her mistake! I bet she could not get that retraction typed out quickly enough! Too funny.

As for Mo, you are very right! He's such a sweetie. I think he must be one of the nicest people in the world. We are all so lucky to have met him through the blogosphere!

Have a great MM, Neila.

Comedy + said...

Now this is funny. I too would get a kick out of hanging around you both. Sounds like you would do the same kinds of things. Thanks for my early morning laugh. Have a happy MM. :)

Sadie said...


That is completely something I would do!

Sanni said...

Oooooh... could be ME ;)
To me the second email is far to funny, too. "I´ve mistakenly announced the birth of my baby. It´s still in there!" *LOL*

Wishing Stacey and Baby Drew all the best - hope to see a photo!

Neila, maybe you´d like to hop over to Germany celebrating my 33rd birthday having a BBQ, burritos, pizza and beer...?

Oh, and I hope you don´t mind I borrowed another picture of yours for my MM posting???

Morgen said...

Aw, shucks.
Thanks, Neila!

I feel the same way about YOU!


ps: your friend Stacey is a riot!

Desert Songbird said...

Every chick needs a friend like this, one that you can call "bitch" and "whore" and know that they give as good as they get.

Travis said...

Heehee! That's funny!