Friday, June 22, 2007

Sit n Stay

Don’t you think whoever invented the damn Sit n Spin could have put in a little extra effort to get the damn thing to work on carpet! I mean Christ! Didn’t those things come out in the 70’s when shag carpet was all the rage? 30 years later, and you would think they could have improved that one feature! But no!

We have two Sit n Spins, and there is a constant fight over them between the children. I will tell you why. For Eli’s second birthday, he got two Sit n Spins (the ones we still have) – a regular one, and a Sit n Splash, which is just like a normal Sit n Spin, except you can hook it up to a hose outside and water comes out of it. Okay, we did that once. Not fun. It’s a geyser, and the powerful jet of water about took Eli’s head off.

However, here is the great thing about it. Obviously, they had to make the Sit n Splash spin outside on grass. Well, it also spins on carpet! That’s right! This is the best Sit n Spin ever because it works on f*cking carpet!!

Now, I wish someone had told me three years ago when we got the Sit n Spins that these damn things are like collector’s items. Did you know this? Every year, there is a new Sit n Spin that does something different. Last year, they sold one that played music, this year, there is a Simon Says Sit n Spin, yada yada. I didn’t know they were freaking limited editions!

Three years later, Eli and Georgia are constantly fighting over the Sit n Splash we have because it spins on carpet. Well, they sold that damn thing three years ago. It is completely obsolete now! I can’t even find the damn thing on eBay! (And believe me, I have tried.)

So here we are with one Sit n Splash, two kids constantly fighting over it, and one mommy who is running dangerously low on wine. I am now going to write a hate letter to Playskool.


Crazy Working Mom said...

We have the musical one. Shelby got it for her second birthday. Now she doesn't play on it much. Tyler loves it. He loves to stand on it and push the buttons to make music! *LOL*

Kara said...
There's one on ebay :D buy now before it's gone! lol

Sparky Duck said...

have you purchased slip and slide yet? now that is fun!

Desert Songbird said...

I'll say it again - you are a much more patient mommy than I am or will be. When my kids fight over something, I simply take it away and then they have NONE.

I'm mean.

Travis said...

My niece got a Sit n Spin when she was about 3. I'm told she used it for a week and then it went in the closet.