Saturday, June 02, 2007

Busted Rings

Okay, I got a lot of questions yesterday from people wondering exactly what Magic Rings were. And how someone managed to bust one of them at a Passion Party. As you can see from the above photo, Magic Rings are stretchy C-rings. They fit snugly around the base of the male . . . to constrict bloodfloow and make orgasms more intense. The nubbies also provide stimulation for the female.

In the words of Tony the Tiger, "They're Grrrrrrreeeeeatttt!!"

They are quite stretchy. However a woman at my party the other night decided to stretch them as much as she could and wear them around her arms. Dude! Not cool! Had I not shown them already at about 30-40 parties, they would have probably withstood her abuse. But as it was, I found out just how sad it is when your Magic Ring busts. Not. Cool.

Incidentally, my son has already gotten a hold of some Magic Rings that Eric left on his night stand and cut them up with scissors. For some reason Magic Rings seem cursed to take a lot of abuse around here.

Now my plug: Magic Rings are available on My Web site in a set of two for only $10 at!

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Happy shopping!


Sadie said...

I have a friend that said she and her husband broke both of their magic rings. I didn't ask how.

Desert Songbird said...

Hmmm....they would have to stretch quite a bit...

Santi Marie said...

Hahaha! Magic rings worn around the arm? Ala-Wonder Woman dodging bullets of her "magic bracelet", I hope those protruding nubbies are meant to ward off STDs! :-).

Will keep on visiting your blog. Funny. Nice humor. Thanks for your blog!


Morgen said...

Hmmmm.... and just what were magic rings doing on Eric's nightstand?


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