Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I am overly sensitive, and I really have to get over that. I try to email out a monthly Passion Parties newsletter. I’m busy, so it usually goes out about every two months. I add people to my email list after every party, so my mailing list has grown to almost 200 people. I mainly add people who check the box that says they want to be on my mailing list, but sometimes I get overzealous. I have had a few hostesses send out evites, so I just stick all the guests on my email list. Why the hell not, right?

Well, I tend to regret that. Especially when I send out my newsletter, which usually contains at least one picture of a sex toy. (In my defense, this month, it was only a C-ring, a tulip-shaped bullet and a bottle of lube.) Anyhoo, I’m sure it may come as a bit of a shock to someone who is not expecting my newsletter, to come in to work on Monday morning and check their email and open it up to a smiling picture of me talking about clitoral stimulators and cock rings.

So I shouldn’t be so sensitive when I get a few (four) people who send me emails that say, “Please remove me from your email list.” The prudes. The funny thing is that I can check the statistics of my newsletter, and these same people keep going back and opening my newsletter repeatedly. Hmmmm . . .

When I’m not corrupting the innocent, I have been busy experimenting with my new video camera. I have managed to take a couple of videos, and I even uploaded one to YouTube. That’s right! Georgia is on YouTube! Now, I will warn you now that it is very anti-climactic (dare I say, boring). It’s no tantrum. It is seriously two minutes of Georgia and I discussing her Dora Memory cards. And that’s only because I trimmed it down from six minutes. Next time, I’ll go for an action movie. But this is my first attempt!


Hulai said...

georgia is so cute!!!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

What a cutie pie Georgia is! :) Don't ya hate prudes? hehe! The toys sound fun anyway! haha

Morgen said...

Georgia is a little star!
Notice how she couldn't put down her accordion during the whole video!
I love your little "who the heck" asides!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You crack me UP!



Desert Songbird said...

Well, you know, if they don't want you to e-mail them, then they shouldn't give you their e-mail address. Duh! No brainer!

I'm really going to have to check out your PP site more thoroughly, with credit card in hand...

Travis said...

I'm looking forward to a tantrum video. Is that bad?