Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tag, I’m it! The Music Meme

I haven’t been tagged for a Meme in ages, and today I got hit by Morgen from It’s A Blog Eat Blog World and Sadie of Sadie, Sadie Married Lady. When it rains, it pours!!

The theme for this meme is that you list seven songs or CDs that you have listened to lately and then tag seven people. (Do I even know seven people?!) Morgen also issued a personal challenge to see how many LazyTown, Barney and Wiggles CDs ended up on my list.

Dude! I could do an entire separate meme for children’s songs so I’m going to try to leave them out, mainly because I’ve been made fun of enough for the fact that I like The Wiggles and Barney.

I’ve also left out soundtracks . . . and 80’s music . . . hey, I have to narrow it down somehow. I listen to a lot of freaking music, apparently.

So, leaving off the aforementioned music, here are seven CDs that have been in heavy rotation on my CD player as of late.

Daughtry by Chris Daughtry – Even though he is Sadie’s rock star boyfriend, I can still enjoy his music, right? Seriously, this is the best album to come out of anyone from American Idol so far!

How To Save A Life by The Fray – I just discovered this group last year. They are amazing! I loved every song they released – such as Over My Head and How To Save A Life – and I finally bought the CD. It is fabulous! Every song on this album is a great one.

Continuum by John Mayer – This is John Mayer’s newest CD. I have been a fan of his from the very first time I heard him, and I own all of his CDs. What an incredible talent!

Taking The Long Way by Dixie Chicks – I could write an entire blog about how much I love the Dixie Chicks and how they got such a bad rap. But since the topic of this meme is not freedom of speech, I will save that for another day. I have seen the Dixie Chicks in concert twice, and they are wonderful performers. I have all of their CDs, too, and they just keep getting better and better.

Let Love In by The Goo Goo Dolls – Oh John Rzeznik, I love you! But who doesn’t love these boys from Buffalo? I haven’t made it to one of their concerts yet, but I have all of their CDs, too. In addition to being great musicians, these guys do everything they can to give back to their community.

Afterglow by Sarah McLachlan – Okay, Sarah McLachlan is one of my unhealthy obsessions and my big girl crush. I have seen her in concert twice, the last being when I was seven months pregnant with Georgia. I love this woman so much, I want to be her. In fact, Georgia came very close to being named Sarah after Sarah McLachlan. She is an incredible songwriter, and she has the voice of an angel. I LOVE this woman. And guess what? I have all of her CDs!

Underage Thinking by Teddy Geiger – I just heard Teddy Geiger last year for the first time. He’s this 17-year-old kid with a great voice, and he is very reminiscent of a young John Mayer. He is going to go far.

Now my seven tags . . . Hmmm, it’s probably not fair to retag Morgen and Sadie is it? I know some of the following people have already been tagged, but seriously, I only know so many people.

Okay, I tag
Sunrunner of Thoughts, Ideas and Wildfires
Desert Songbird of The Ice Box
Julie of Flip This Body
Sparky Duck of Philly Transplant
Heather of Just Heather (because I want to see if she’ll actually do it)
Gattina of Writer’s Cramps and
Donna of Just Me


Donna said...

I'll do it; probably nobody will have heard of any of my songs, but hey... we all know I march to the beat of a different drummer. I'll wait for tomorrow, since I like to leave WW just for my WW picture.

Morgen said...

Glad you tagged Sunrunner! I almost did!
Okay, I gotta hear the Daughtry album. Seems like I'm missing out on this one here....

And I'm frankly amazed (and delighted) that there are no Lazy Town, Wiggles or Spawn Of Satan (Barney) songs on this list! Kudos!

Desert Songbird said...

I was tagged with this by three people at the same time about three days ago. Mine's here:

Sparky Duck said...

scrabble snots, I have been tagged again. do I do it all over or just link like the songbird did. Decisions, decisions

Sparky Duck said...

and your right, you would get slammed for anything Dixie Chicks

Sadie said...

Like it!!!

Love the Chicks... Love them! It's SUCH a good album, too. You should rent "Shut Up and Sing" the documentary about the whole hullabaloo. I didn't know how made it really was.

I like Teddy Geiger too! Did you watch that TV show that he was on, "Love Monkey?" It was good.

And I love The Fray.

Seriously, are you my long lost twin or something?

Sadie said...

How BAD it really was. Not how "made" it really was.

Wonder what my fingers were doing there.

Travis said...

I forgive you your words about the Daughtry, simply because I haven't heard it yet. I wish the man well.

Have ya given Taylor a listen? And I just picked up Elliott's CD - it is also excellent.

Luv me some Goo Goo Dolls and John Mayer.

Donna said...

OK, mine's up:

Sunrunner said...

I'll do it and have it up shortly!

~*Kelli*~ said...

Ok, and I love the same music as you. This is too freaky. Very cool!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Great list! :)