Tuesday, March 06, 2007

“She bited me!”

Dude! My daughter is turning into a maniac!! Yesterday, she took Eli’s balloon and ran with it. I do mean literally ran with it. Like she was an Olympic runner! She is phenomenal at taking any sort of a toy and getting it away from her brother, or me for that matter, as fast as humanly possible. I only wish I were so skilled at such a young age.

Anyway, I saw her streak past me with the balloon while headed down the hall. She was quickly followed by Eli who was screaming his usual mantra, “No, Georgia!! That’s MIIIIIIIINE!”

They both disappeared down the hall, and before I could dry my hands off to go follow them, I heard Eli’s shrill scream, and he came running in crying. I noticed his hand was all red. I asked what happened, and he tearfully proclaimed, “G. . g . . Georgia bited me!”

I held up his hand for closer inspection, and in retrospect, I really should have taken a picture. His had was not only red, it had some deep teeth marks. Eli's rabid little sister had even broken the skin in a couple of spots. And with the placement of the teeth marks, that girl must have had his entire hand in her mouth!

Where did Georgia learn how to bite? The cats?

About that time, she came waltzing in, the balloon long forgotten, attempting to put on one of her shoes. I got right in her face and said, “We do NOT bite, young lady!”

It seemed to make Eli feel better that I reprimanded Georgia even though she was giving me her best WTF face. *sigh* I have a feeling we will be revisiting this issue in the future.


Alex said...

Hahahaha ... reminds me of a story a friend was recounting this past Sunday where his 2 year old daughter blamed her as yet unborn brother (and first sibling) for the scribbles on the carpet! Seems kids have a gift for learning what you try not to teach them!

Desert Songbird said...

I never really had this problem except for once. My daughter bit me in a fit of excitement while we were waiting in a restaurant for friends to show up. Huh?

I have a friend whose kid was a biter. Finally, in a moment of temporary insanity, she bit her kid back! Not the best thing to do, but it worked - the kid stopped biting!

Morgen said...

I've heard of the "bite 'em back" theory, although I would NOT advocate this theory be told to Eli...
I love your description of Georgia giving you her best WTF face.
Heee Heee.

Hulai said...

ahhh i was a biter. my mom could even bite me back and i would laugh. i mean some one could bite and draw blood, i would laugh. until one day i bit mom and she was asleep onthe couch, instant reaction was her arm flew. i got a hit and never bit again. my mom always felt guilty though! hah!

Crazy Working Mom said...

I think kids either bite (usually horribly) or they don't. There's not much middle ground here. My youngest one did. He grew out of it, I guess. But, big sister had a few battle wounds of her own for a while! :(

Travis said...

Oh the biting phase. My sis bit me twice - until I finally bit her back. I got whacked, but the point got made that we don't bite.

Good luck with that one!