Friday, March 23, 2007

Reasons To Celebrate

Lots of reasons to celebrate today, and even though I am exhausted, I am exuberant enough to raise a glass for the following reasons:

#1 I am a rock star!
Last night, I had my biggest selling Passion Party so far. I sold $1400 worth of merchandise last night. Since I make 40 percent, that means I made almost $600 last night! Woo hoo! I couldn’t make that kind of money if I were hooking downtown! Dude! I sold 10 Gigis!! Husbands around the metro are singing my praises!

#2 Rock Chalk Jayhawk
It was a close one, folks, but the Hawks did it. Kansas pulled it out against Southern Illinois, 61-58, in a freaking nail-biter to make it to the Elite Eight. I could live without the high blood pressure, but what a great game. I’m a KU grad, in case you all didn’t know, and we haven’t seen a championship since 88. Come on, Bill Self, we’re ready!

#3 Weekly Went continues
Fox has officially picked up Prison Break for a third season! My weekly Went fix shall continue its run. Speaking of Went, he is currently in Korea shooting ads for Bean Pole Jeans. Some of the photos were released today. Does anyone want to see my new screensaver? Oh yeah, baby. Here’s a reason to celebrate!

*sigh* It was a good day.


Desert Songbird said...

I'm so glad those dang Salukis of SIU are out of the tournament. Now I have to hope for a miracle that my Butler Bulldogs can pull off the miracle and stomp those dang Florida Gators back into the swamp from which they come....grrrrr....

Good for you for your big profit night. When I used to sell Partylite candles, I would always say, "It's the easiest way to make a couple hundred bucks a night standing up, fully clothed."

Donna said...

This grandma is getting a new sex education clicking on your Passion Party links. I didn't even know such things were in existence. Wait till my husband hears about this.

jenny said...

The game last night was a definite nail-biter. I thought my husband was going to have a heart-attack! Just a few more to go, I know we can make it! Rock Chalk!

Julie said...

I know KU is a BIG school, but I wonder if you know my cousin and his wife, also KU grads. They graduated in Spring 1993 I believe, him in Communications, her in Theatre. Email me if you are curious of their names.

Momish said...

WOW! that is a LOT of passion you sold! Good going! Celebrate you good day to the max, you earned it!

Morgen said...

That's cool! 40% profit is awesome!
And YES, there will be a lotta happy men in the Kansas area...
Hope the ladies got something for themselves, too!
And I gotta ask: do you sing the praises of nipple nibblers as lip gloss in your parties?
My guess = yes, you bet!

cheers to you for another season of Went! Bean Pole Jeans made me grin - guess I'm not fitting in a pair of those, eh?

Travis said...

Congrats on your big payday!


Not so good news for Kansas today, I'm afraid. UCLA is 43.7 seconds away from sending them home.

Skittles said...

Way to go on your successful party!

Crazy Working Mom said...

My hubby needs a new girlfriend...I mean Gigi. He calls her his girlfriend.

You go rockstar! That's awesome!